15 March 2012


“There is no shame in impulse.”

Douglas Coupland,Generation X:Tales for an Accelerated Culture

Craving escapism from what has been an awful,rubbish,one thing after another few days (I'll spare you the drab dribble and gloss over the details),consumed by career confusions I've dodged doubts and departed from the oncoming bombardment of doom via my favourite author Douglas Coupland (see below) and his sharp witty,observations of twenty something/pushing thirty Americans who are all, in short-torn.Torn,baffled and navigating through a haze of confusion,contradictions and pesky little conundrums.
Every time I return to the familiar chapters of this book ('tis my own nifty alternative bible),I'm compelled by the characters thus the vivid imagination over mine runs over time.Visualising the characters,styling them each accordingly to the descriptions and individual personality quirks including;independent,fierce,rebellious,stubborn attitudes and alternative approach to life in general.Bemused and bored the bunch of best friends,abandon their unattractive situation.Setting off on one of those classic (and always mass appealing) hot,dusty desert American road trips,park up their ride and pitch up their tents.The missguided trio digest their dilemma's collectively and comically whilst dazing over at the optimistic California horizon...

images courtesy of missguided

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