09 March 2012


Today I've excelled at procrastination,oh but I did begin my day with good intentions.
Kicking this morning off with riffling and editing my magpie nest.This is the part of my wardrobe overspilling with accessories,acquired from being a proactive Charity shop slut!
Dedicated to bargain binning for second hand/vintage glitter and granny scarves admittedly quiet ghastly-at first glance.If you can get past the first hurdle and ignore the creepy combo of tcp cream+musty hairspray odours,then apply some imagination...the humble scarf can be transformed into a beautiful/versatile head piece (post washing machine cycle unless your partial,very weired and enjoy the stomach turning stench of tcp?Then by all means sniff it up,skip the wash spin part and stick that vintage scarf straight onto your head,lovely stuff!),
alas I've become a little too attached,these head scarves are spiralling out of control.
The head scarf habit was established back in 2008/09 the place a Paloma Faith gig,she sure knows how to rock a head scarf.Hard.So here I remain style struck on scarves, symptoms of the Paloma Faith effect.Back to those good intentions of mine from this morning...
I did indeed edit down my magpie nest of accessories including the knotted stash of scarves,I swiftly sorted through the whole lot,'I'll keep hold of one or two of them.Nautical gold chain,and pink poodle silk scarf are keepers'.The next part is the procrastination part.As I decide to have one last head dressing up scarf session involving all twenty three of 'em,
indulging in a spot of scarfing around,twirling in front of the mirror,pinning/folding/pleating/twisting the scarves back in various retro styles this err,event? Went on for the next three hours.How did that even happen?Ah!Yep I've the explanation to that epic waste of large amounts of time...I got carried away by tumbling away in the process I now feel compelled to go colour crazy with my hair,the Paloma Faith effect is starting to take over again.I'm wanting THAT(see below)shade of red.This Saturday bored of this brunette barnett I'm buying a bottle of Paloma red and becoming a member of the scarlet red scarf society...

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