20 March 2012


Confession my favourite Saturday night TV show is the trashy and terrific Take Me Out,one because some of the single dudes are shockingly bad and two because of Zoe Hardman.
Oh how I REALLY want to hijack her wardrobe with a swift swoop and a steal.
With my Saturday night style observations I have concluded that this style savvy tv presenter is partial to a statement skirt and a neon or two (see below).The most annoying part is the girl sure knows how to own bright orange and totally smash it!Avoiding any of those tricky,awkward urggh-oh-dear-orange-why?accidents(...which is more then I can say as all my attempts and experiments involving orange *cringe*have resulted in such utter style carnage).Heck she even excels at neon multi-tasking,juggling loud colours with even louder volumes of print.How?Um I've no explanation,but she surely deserves a style salute...

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