05 March 2012


Meh,so as you know because I keep banging on about the drag of a subject (totally need counselling me thinks?Or a career,fat chance of neither...this blogging biz will make do)I've been redundant from Peacocks,I no longer roam(?)around in fashion la-la land.No more seasonal overviews to revise or trends to implement (*sob*)the fashion career ladder is fickle,fragile and unstable.My career ladder?Oh mine,well I sat down and they pulled my chair,so to speak.Fuck it.I've screwed up my pledge,the one that when like-I'll avoid the gloomy unemployed topic.No more moping around in my Cobain(Kurt)frayed (symbolic)cardie,baggy band tee and for godsakes there are other hair styles available other than the scoped-up-knotted-bun look.Your becoming a serious grunge kid contender.Sort it out!I'm trying,I'm really,really giving it a shot to no avail.This cardie cocoon is sticking around for the rest of my week possibly,and I do intend on swapping this slouchy MGMT band tee for another,possibly.This week the week of possibilities.Um sort of.
With the pledge already broken (pledges aren't my forte)I'll continue along the tiresome theme of me being an unemployed day time tv bum and how much I yearn-howling-at-the-moon style for my fashion career to return and finally how skint/broke/poor border line homeless I am (Okay so the latter is hugely exaggerated I'm camping out with mum and dad.I was about to move out depart from the nest,cut this pesky 25yr old umbilical cord and earn some major adult points),so here I go...

image courtesy of riverisland

Second week into unemployment,and things very average everyday things are becoming a bit tricky.Money isn't everything,money doesn't make the world go round...all this is BS.I can confirm.Such pointless yada yada's that escape the mouths of the a) comfy middle class,b)unemployed,inexperienced Jobseeker allowance virgins and c)materialistic types who consider themselves not to be materialistic at all...hmm why are you not naked then living in a shed,living off the land?Pah!
Little materialistic things have always provided me with contentment.Going for coffee(has anyone else yet tested the Costa Coffee choc brownie double hot choc?Bliss in cup).Browsing Boots and abusing my points card,snooping clothes sales to sniff out my next style fix (no actual snorting was ever involved-may I add).Without paper in your purse sure you remain allowed to enter clothes shops and have a flick and riffle through the sale rails.However there is an limited time period to do so,before your pressured and intimidated by store security to check-out.Failure to do so will result in you making an cameo appearance on Crime Stoppers.Jeez I was only have an innocent looksee around,when I became a victim of stalking!No more flying solo.Second time round I decide to tag along with some employed friends.*Awkward*
Overwhelming feeling of inadequacy (newly adopted complex) dominates the rest of my non-shopping shopping afternoon,I milk the last five quid out of an old Xmas giftcard of mine.Splashing out on a yellow sherbet nail paint complete with polkdot lid and,and that was it.
Deflated,depressed,depleted I turn to my drawing scrap diary in time of therapy and in desperation to obtain THAT (see above) sunny embellished Riverisland clutch in some way or other I make it my drawrobe want.Um the new wardrobe want alternative...?

Illustrations by prettyneons.

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