03 November 2009

Been thinking of rainbows

'I try to think about rainbows
When it gets bad
You got to think about something
To keep from going mad'

Nodoubt: In my head

At long last November has arrived, October was some what a hellish month, or rather the month where- despite- no -matter- how- hard- I -tried -I -got- nowhere and achieved nothing, zero, blank simply going backwards if not standing dead still and set on pause?
Yes, yes thats it! October the "pause" month.
If it wasn't my PC playing up, it was my sewing machine driving me up the wall, if it wasn't the latter it was my immune system deciding to be funny (oh yeah weak immune system you crack me up, so very highly amusing).October flu after bloody flu. October the month of redish haze/ fog:red eye then pink eye then burning itchy irritating red raw eye. Did I mention flu and sore eyes already?
Admittedly my blog was neglected through October (apologies and sob for missing your first birthday prettyneons blog) while I've been holed up in my den with the curtains closed, cupa soup on tap and medication stacked up sky high (Mmm delicious syrup based cough medicine cocktail.Vomit).
Goodbye October the month where I done nothing productive...

And hello November! How you appear all brand new, sparkly and full of hope.
My flu is beginning to clear and so is the redish pink haze across my vision, and vile cough medicine breath... taste buds please don't abandon me,'tis all over now I promise no more horrid flavoured medicine.
To celebrate the fact my October bad luck seems to be easing off (along with those mean, little ugly flu germs)I departed from the pit(bed)and caught up with all those everyday beauty habits and routine which for some unknown reason is just too challenging and one big effort when sick,down and out with flu.I picked up the bottle of shampoo washed my hair, freshened up my face and sorted out my crazy rebellious eyebrows.Opened up the wardrobe, slipped into some 'wet look' leggings and pulled this sailoresque vintage dress on, grabbed my leather jacket and headed outside for a indulgent thrift shopping spree.

The fierce wind slapping me around the face, dead leaves decorating my head whether I like it or not.
First stop junk shop which is set up in this big empty barn (like I've mentioned before on this blog I live in a strange, strange town a place which time forgot)which continues for miles and miles. Random bits and pieces piled up and poking out here and there. Behind a giant box full with everything from key rings to classic Disney VHS tapes, I discovered a real authentic rock & roll leather jacket complete with various zip pocket details for £8.Mine.Along with the chunky owl ring, that I almost stood on. For this junk shop isn't concerned with presentation.
OK I also (cringe) may of purchased Snow white VHS as well.
Before I left the junk shop I felt ashamed of my old leather jacket I removed it stuffed the thing in my bag (RIP) and quickly replaced it with the lovely and new leather jacket, oh the novelty, oh the glorious newness.
All proud of my new leather jacket I skipped down the road beaming,with this new found confidence,hell-yes- look-at-me-now-I'm-cool... only not really.But heck strangers don't know that:the power of garments.My next thrift stop was Oxfam,a lot of rubbish everywhere because it's approaching Xmas all I stumbled upon was numerous tinsel decorations and pre-loved dancing Santa's that quite frankly freak me out. Or at least this variety of dancing Santa did.

Giving up hope of finding anything wardrobe worthy in Oxfam (thrifting is so hit or miss and requires dedication and a whole lot of energy.Hence why I think it should be an Olympic sport...get your thrift Lycra sport pants at the ready-go!). I walked towards the jewelery box full to the top with knots of plastic gems,I rummage through drowning in plastic bling. Lifted up this hundred ton plastic bundle of necklaces,to find a surprising and pretty gem of a dress. The dress is two sizes to big but as I lurrrve layering up it will do just fine,like the leather jacket once again I felt compelled to discard my current ensemble and slip into the new one straight away. I didn't. Well have you seen charity shop changing rooms? Ekk,wrong, wrong, wrong no way I've witnessed some truly horrible things in charity shop changing rooms. I shalt go into detail just in case your eating.

board by prettyneons.


Em x said...

Hiya lovely, i'm so sorry you've had such a bad October but i'm glad you're feeling better now. I've missed your posts x

Fashion Minute said...

The Oxfam dress is adorable!

daisychain said...

Ohh loveeeeee that dress.