12 November 2009

Wild thing

For some unknown reason I seem to be fixated, obsessed and attracted to animal print just lately. I've no idea why? or indeed where this sudden crush on leopard print has sprung from? Maybe I've been influenced by this book which I'm currently reading,which is all about the Sixties-rock & roll bands, groupies and err lots of leopard print.
Seems I've really absorbed the Sixties style, taking style mental notes:
Note embellished waist coats, note chunky bracelets, note heavy eyeliner, note and highlight leopard print coats. Fluffy, long leopard print coats.

Whilst flicking through the visuals and skipping large chunks of txt (now I never ever scan read or skip paragraphs, this is how serious and distracting the problem is becoming)this leopard print coat with red stitch detail and bright red buttons, complete with dark purple collar literally jumps out from the page,along side Led Zep.
Never before have I wanted to be apart of the Sixties quite so much, well that is a blatant lie. As I've dedicated posts for my love of the Sixties before.The wanting just got far worse. I have this theory (here she goes again with her fashion theory's-one of many)that if some how I can track down and obtain a glamorous leopard print coat it will somehow transport moi back to the Sixties.Where I too can be a rock & roll groupie, stalking the likes of The Stones and Led Zep with the leopard print coat receiving their full attention. Before you know it the back stage pass is mine, and I'm off tagging along, sight seeing across the world with Led Zep as my sight seeing pals.

Of course there will be no going back in time and hanging out with Sixties rock stars for me, until I hunt down a fierce and fake leopard print fur coat! Damn it. Not any leopard print coat, as that's the easy part. There are hundreds and hundreds of leopard print coats out there.
I need to find a leopard print coat with all the following specific design details...fake fur( I don't invite the thought of wearing dead animal, so if it can be avoided I will do just that)red stitching, large bold red buttons double breasted and a dark purple collar...
Hours later with pm turning into am (I lost all sense of time browsing fashion webby's) and with the return of my pinkish/redish fashion strained eyeballs I eventually discovered the leopard print coat of all leopard print coats. That ticked all my Sixties coat check list box's,minus dark purple collar.
Faux fur leopard print coat with red buttons and black collar (a girl can't have it all I suppose?)from very
,and is destined for the crimbo wish list.
I stumbled upon an array of leopard print coats all in various styles (and not all of them were that snazzy),whilst straining my eyes clicking from one website to another Warehouse also has a leopard print,rock star worthy coat. Which like the one from very will be added to my childish crimbo wish list.

coat from: very

board by:prettyneons

1. From Warehouse, £80
2. From Peacocks, £40
3. From Very, £85


♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Hey... :)

Im sooo with you on this.

You need to buy the right one that suits you & ticks all the boxes- finding one that ticks all the boxes isn't so easy huh. Love the one from Very but the red parts clash with my hair (maybe i'll dye the mop) ha ha

Good buy cost loads but always come back in fashion... talked you into it? aye... well ive bloddy just talked myslef into it :)

hope your all bets now ma lassie :)

spk soon

peace & love xxx

daisychain said...

So with you on the leopard print. I am obsessed.
You'll love my new dressing gown ;)

Em x said...

I am a total leopard print whore. I can't seem to resist! I love the Very coat x

Meg said...

I vintage clothes could transport you back to different times! That would be awesome!

Jojo said...

I love reading your blog so I'm sorry that I haven't commented in a while.

I have been getting the same animal print coat obession as you! I found one in Miss Selridge's that i fell a bit in love with.

Love Jojo xx

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Lol, pretty neat obsession. My newest obsession I must say are suede boots (not the real leathery stuff tho. Love the coat.

Hope all is going sweet!


prettyneons said...

Hey all soz for the lack of chat!!! My blog sever was down for days,
hope you all had a nice new Monday (:
prettyneons XxX