20 November 2009

Cheer -me -up- fashion

Hi blogging buddies, now do excuse this short and rather lame excuse for a post. I've not been feeling too bright today:even that may be a massive understatement. I feel like death, only death with a pulse (Hmmm contradiction? Just a bit).
In the bid to make myself feel better I binged out on both fruit and chocolate (dramatic contrast, I know)and washed it all down with some pain killer meds.
All the above failed to cheer me up, so then I turned my attention to online fashion,and spotted a pair of Iron fist bow shoes-all better now.
Though I really could do with some instructions on how to balance and walk in these things,any tips anyone? As high heels and I do not get on very well together, I won't even go into my past experiences involving dizzy high heels. It wasn't pretty.
Changing the subject. I also came across some really colourful print leggings too from shopbop, and a fabulous skirt from rarefashion

Anywhos that's about it from me today, just thought I'd share my snazzy fashion finds with you all.Have a fabtastic weekend, yeah?Me? Well I'm working through the weekend and going to have a whizzzzz around the charity shops...one is never too ill to thrift!Of course I shall share my thrift gems and take a snap of them for you to see.
Right-e-o I'm going to scribble in my scrap book, brush my teeth and then I'm hitting slumber land, up at five am tomorrow.

Prettyneons x


Em x said...

Wow those shoes are amazing, all i can say about walking in heels is the more you do it the easier it gets. I've had too many heel acctidents to remember but i keep going! Hope you feel better soon x

Anonymous said...

cheer up !!!!xxx

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Loooooving the shoes!!!! Gosh girl, I hope you feel better soon.

Btw, the guys from the band are totally thankful for you linking to them, lol.


daisychain said...

feel better soon miss x

Cap'n NikNak said...

Love the shoes!! But I like the feathery skirt a lot as well! Cute!
Awww man I hope you feel better asap :) Hows work going?
Cant wait to see your finds

Kat said...

the skirt is fantastic, i admire the colour and shape of it!