09 November 2009


EEK(can you start a sentence with ekk?Too late just did)I received the best phone call ever this morning which began with, "So would you like to join Newlook then?"
Huh what-who- me?
*Screams down phone with a loud sharp raw and excited, proper girly screech
"Oh my god yesssss!" Those four simple words are all I could think to say.
"Great hows Wednesday for you, can you begin then?"
Once again I could only scramble two basic words together...
"Umm sure!"
Followed by a delayed..."Thank you"

The battle against unemployment is over, victory damn it,VICTORY is mine!
It's been a very realistic tough slog of a graduate nightmare, only I couldn't shake myself out of this nightmare wake myself up,and shrug the situation off.For this nightmare wasn't really a nightmare as I was fully awake all the way through the ups and downs.Despite how much I adore fashion, there were many times when I thought to myself, 'what are you doing?Give up already.'To be frank, there were situations I experienced in which I began to seriously doubt myself convinced those years of studying at both college and university had been nothing but a costly waste of time.I had no other choice then to stick it out and hang on in there, as I'm no good at anything else. Fashion and art, that's it this is all I know, all I've ever known.
Heck I remain in utter shock I'm going to work for Newlook? Surreal. I've been obsessed with Newlook since I was in the womb (my obsession began early, pre-mature even)and can't believe this is my first step on the fashion career ladder.

Of course once more (I know, I know I've wrote an array of features on Newlook...but just one more time I promise) I have to declare my love for Newlook and pay homage to the highstreet fashion brand that I've grown up with via all my fickle fashion phases which include:styling myself as 'baby spice'(girl power),ripping off Gwen of Nodoubt and embracing Grunge, rocking myself up Courtney Love style.Now (just in case you were wondering) I'm a collective mix of everything and anything, today I'm in three different shades of green, gold and silvers...my inspiration? This pretty Xmas visual from the JohnLewis Xmas gift idea leaflet.
Where was I before I got side tracked?
Homage to Newlook.
I know thousands of fashion fans will be gushing over Giles (Deacon)today, and I sure am one of them too, however there are some impressive non-Gold by Giles Deacon stand out pieces to fall deep in lurrrve with as well.
Note: the movie star glamorous faux fur animal print winter warmer of a coat,quirky heart stud patent shoulder bag and stunning oriental platforms with delicate gold detail. Newlook's accessories are always so appealing to me, I must get my hands on a couple of those futuristic silver and bright blue chunky bracelets.
Newlook how I heart you, forever.

all images Newlook
board by:prettyneons

1.Faux fur animal print coat,£50.00
2.Stripe dress, £24.99
3.Suede shoes with gold detail,£40.00
4.Heart stud shoulder bag,£6.00
5.Silver and blue chunky bracelet,£6.00
6.Black sequin stud top Gold by Giles Deacon for Newlook, £45.00


butterfly said...

Wuhey!! Congratulations :) How have you been? Long time no visit on my part I know. Life is just too full of other things these days. I need to catch up on yours and many others blogs asap!

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Woo Hooo!!! That is awesome, dear! It was about time!! I'm so happy for you. =)You totally must keep us posted on this.

PS: hope Wednesday goes great!

prettyneons said...

Thank you's <3
prettyneons X

daisychain said...

are you working in a store? or doing PR stuffs?

Em x said...

Brilliant news!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love New Look. Finger crossed you get a good discount x

Cap'n NikNak said...

Wowee!! Great to hear :)
Hope they treat you well!! I share your love for New Look hehe plus stuff they have isn't overpriced like other stores!
Good luck for wednesday! xoxo

Glowing Doll said...