16 November 2009

Bonkers about brogues

I did it again today I bought yet another pair of brogues, yes because I really need another pair of bloody brogues.I own more pairs of brogues then all the grandads around the world combined.I've always received a lot of stick for wearing brogues thankfully I'm not concerned about what people say about my beloved brogues:brogues make my feet happy false dot-simple as.
I bought my first ever pair of brogues when I was thirteen,I stumbled upon them at a car boot sale. Yellow with black laces, when I shot up from a size three to five my heart broke, the hardest thing I ever had to do bin my yellow brogues. OK I had well and truly worn them out but still they were my bright yellow banana brogues...a tear rolls down my cheek simply revisiting this sad memory! Rest in peace yellow brogues.
Time to move on...

...So whilst waiting for my winter boots to arrive I desperately needed something other then peep toe shoes to keep my toes dry, warm and avoid slipping over on my bum (the result of walking around in wet pumps, which expand when soaked).
I didn't have much in my money deprived purse (which by the way has a depressing frown-yep objects can pull facial expressions)to be exact I had only £8.
I looked here there and everywhere for some 'just for now' shoes to no avail.
Then I browsed around SELECT it was a jumble of a mess in that store. Garments scattered across the floor,making Primarks presentation retail award worthy.At first I thought to myself nah, nope no way too much effort and hazard (having slipped over already today *ouch)cannot be bothered with the obstacle course, or crap background music for that matter (Cheryl Cole my ears are bleeding stop, stop it...She may be pretty but her tunes sure aint).By this point I was more then ready to make a rapido exit.

Wait what is this I spy on the messy floor?Hiding over at the back (isn't amazing how your vision sharpens when in a clothes shop?)only a pair of frigging brogues! Not any old pair of boring brogues, oh no for these pair of brogues are patent and reduced not once but twice making them £6 (they were £16 at one point: my piggy bank is laughing-no not at my grandad brogues) and in my size as well. This my friends was destiny of the brogue variety.
I couldn't help but notice the dirty looks of fashion disgust ('like what is she thinking? Say a fashion disaster pray for her, forgive her for these fashion sins' expressed across this fashion victims face)directed at my brogue purchase.
There, there my baby brogues don't you cry (brogues are very sensitive shoes) ignore them and their staring problems.
Lets go home I will introduce you to your big sister brogues bought many moons ago (erm last year).

photo:Some of my brogues...ignore her in the background.

next on my brogue wish list:Melissajoy silver brogues


Annie Spandex said...

I really like those gray patent ones!

Em x said...

I love the brogues. Its weird i think all the Select stores here are closed down now, every now and then you can get a gem in there x

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the brogues! id love the grey ones please.... oooh but the black & white are cool too. Im now coming to rade your wardrobe.... Cheers :) xx

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Me again.... just read your comment to me. Thankyou :) makes me smile you lot are all so sweet.

Glad you were talked into it.

Glad your better

:) xx

prettyneons said...

Miss music fashion clutter their my brogues now back off, hahahaha :) *jokes*
I want to snoop in your wardrobe first!

prettyneons X

heaven said...

i've always wanted a pair of those shoes so i say your awesome and those are awesome shoes!