17 November 2009

My big distraction

Why oh why is it I seem to get so easily distracted and lose track of time? Why don't I stop myself browsing fashion blogs, websites when I must crack on with work. I tell myself 'you've lots of important work to be completing save fashion/ blog catch up for another time, when you have time to waste and fully abuse'. Seems I'm incapable of talking myself out of it,click-boom what do you know I'm sat in front of the computer getting my daily fashion fix. Oh no I can't resist browsing the web just in case I might miss something which I may live to regret!Fashion, it is a full on addiction I suppose? The more I flick through fashion websites/ blogs etc the more intense my fashion addiction becomes: one fashion website becomes five,which then turns into five hundred websites that I've clicked in and out of. All this clicking and stalking fashion before late afternoon arrives. I've got it bad, real bad.

I damn links yes links. They make my work day very counter-productive,one minute I'm drooling over shoes on a-shu.co.uk. Then I click on some link which leads me to a fashion blog, whilst reading said fashion blog I scroll through their blog list and stumble upon another all time consuming enjoyable design blog.
I indulge in a newly discovered french design blog, and click (by accident may I add) on a nice and bright bold orange word. Sugar I've yet again allowed another link to suck me in further into the fashion vortex.
Links, you have to watch 'em you know they can totally take over your day oblivious to you until you stare up at the clock and the day has some how gone from am to pm. Oops I have less willpower then I first assumed. But whoa am I glad I clicked (by mistake)onto that bold orange word which spelled out (in attention seeking capitals) RUPHUS sorry did I just trick you into a link. Well I did warn you to be careful of those pesky little fashion links.No?

There is always a certain amount of suspense when entering into a unknown blog... oohh I wonder what it will be like?Will it be exciting?Will it be another blogger who's wardrobe I want to raid through?Am I going to get hooked and have to add to the already 'old loooong blog list?
I sit and wait for the link to get moving.
My heart skips a beat, what is this? This is insane- good insane the designs are over whelming like all good art and design should feel and be. Hmmm investigation work required, check profile, check links whoa whoa whoa, oh my gosh more there's more beautiful pieces by Ruphus.
All my investigating pays off as I learn Ruphus is a textile designer, who creates the most stunning and decorative accessories. A collage of prints, textures and techniques blended effortlessly together.The pieces are so very intriguing I couldn't stop clicking zoom, my head virtually stuck inside the computer screen wishing I could touch the accessories and pop one on my head.
Yes Ruphuscollection.blogspot.com has already been added to my dangerous/addictive/ distracting blog list. Which once again begs the question why-oh-why do I do this to myself, eh?

all photos from:Ruphuscollection.blogspot.com


Em x said...

Oh i need the bows! I've got to say i'm so bad at getting distracted when i'm meant to be doing something. So glad you're back to regular blogging now xx

Jojo said...

Prettyneons you are far too kind. Thanks for your lovely comments you have actually made my day. I of course love reading your blog, love the way you give us an insight into your world and mind.

Thanks for the tip off about Primark. Might just have to check it out.

Love Jojo xxxxxxx

prettyneons said...

Hey Jojo no probs, hope you find that polka dot skirt down your local Primark :)
prettyneons xXx

daisychain said...

wow, hello amazing.

Glowing Doll said...

These are cool

ruphus said...

Thank you so much!
Ciao da Torino,