25 November 2009

Would you like a bag?

So I'm at a supermarket beginning with t and ending with o (they bake the best cookies, yum toffee and banana-yes please!)as I'm paying for my shopping (no exciting contents I'm afraid. Just the norm, crackers, soup, tights and toothpaste...odd combination huh?)the girl asks a simple non complicated question, " would you like a bag?"
Followed by a rather long pause from me,as I look down and observe my worn out distressed purple fringe bag, minus a few purple tassel strands and a damaged zip.I begin to feel sympathy towards my depressed looking bag, oh how once she appeared so new and snazzy. This is no longer the case, instead of snazzy she now (the bag) looks shattered. My fringe bag has been through a lot - literally through a lot:caught in train doors, bus doors and almost torn apart and shredded by this evil beast of a dog tied up outside the post office.Now the time has arrived and I must part with it *cry*.Only I've become attached too attached to this frigging fringe bag.
..."Would-you-like-a-bag or not?" The girl at the till still waiting for my answer.
"Yeah please,I'd like a bag, though not of the plastic shopping bag variety."
I must of really freaked her out as she threw me more then a life's worth of plastic carrier bags, before security jumped on me HA! Jokes.

Replacing a worn out handbag is similar to replacing a dead pet (stick with me here folks, this is heading somewhere...)a)you go through emotions of denial, 'no, no,no there is nothing wrong with my bag, its fine!'b)its difficult and c)you compare all potential new-bags-to-be, to the once glorious but now old and had it ex- bag.
After much grieving, I have finally began browsing for a new bag. Admittedly at first I searched only purple fringe bags, then I realised no other fringe bag will ever really replace my former trusty fringe bag.I forced myself out of my comfort zone and made a decision to browse only bags which have zero resemblance to her (the purple fringe bag).
Oddly my potential bag list (I'm obsessed with writing lists for anything and everything, bags are no exception)consist of quirky grey bags with no fringe in sight, or purple.
Could it possibly be I'm at long last moving on? Tell me does anyone else get this emotionally attached to a bag!?

board by: prettyneons
1. from, house of fraser
2. from,Asos
3. from, Evans
4. from, Topshop

PS...The thrift post that never materialised yesterday, I shall post soon as my camera is fixed.


Em x said...

Ha, i don't get like that with bags but i really do with shoes!! I can't wait to see your thrift buys x

La Fée said...

oh no! the purple fringe bag sounds immense :(
and every time I go to sainsbury's I get conned into buying another bag for life. I have like 10 now but I never remember to take them to uni when I need to go shopping in between lectures!!
and yay charity shopping :D

daisychain said...

poor purple bag,
I get far too attatched to mine. Seriously.

And, at my T....O store, we're banned from asking if customers want a bag, they have to ask us ;)

Saving the planet. One setence at a time.

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Oh poor bag. Hope dearly that you find something that can at least compare to it. =) Can't wait to check out your buys!


Mo said...

i love option 3!
i wear my handbags until the strap breaks.... maybe it's my laziness, or perhaps my loyalty... you pick.
xoxo Mo ;)

Kat said...

bag number 3 is gorgeous!!!