05 November 2009

Bootcamp for me

Am I the only one who's still in denial about it being winter? Refusing to except that summer is dead, gone well and truly over (though with this global warming business who can be certain?). I fool myself into believing it is still warm sunny and pleasant outside. How do I trick my brain into thinking this?
I continue to wear summer style peep toe shoes, thin as a piece of paper, I've learned the hard way that summer pumps are not very water resistant the result being a sort of soggy tissue paper effect, or to be more descriptive a daft flipper effect.
Where the only solution is to remove the summer flats and embrace the bare foot look, feel the wet cold pavement beneath your feet. You should try it sometime loads of fun-if your insane!

Yesterday I tolerated my peep toe pumps as my knee high heart socks protected my 'ickle toes from the harsh weather conditions. That is until I had to stand at the bus stop for over an hour (the joys of public transport: that and having people sneeze, cough and splat right in your face. Obviously their mothers never taught them to put a tissue over their mouth, hello two words...swine flu. Cover up already!). Whilst waiting in line I couldn't help but stare at others feet, suddenly I began to feel a complete idiot as everyone (with the exception of me)had winter foot wear on: uggs, knee high boots, wellies. Then there's me and my choice of footwear.Red pumps.
The knee high socks were doing a good job of keeping my feet warm, but after standing still for ages I began to experience pins and needles, my toes slowly going from cold to numb.Just in case I didn't feel a big enough fool for my bad choice of footwear this old lady leaned over and said,"You must be freezing cold my dear? Your making me feel the chill just looking at you, don't you have any winter shoes?"

I suppose I can no longer carry on pretending its summer.Though the summer dresses and skirts are staying for winter (I'll just invest in some leggings and tights) as I'm going nowhere near denim or trousers.Their just too boring.However the summer shoes it is time for you to go(on ebay, money for crimbo gifts)and time I start to face facts:it is no longer summer time there will be no more weekend trips to the beach, picnics or summer strolls.The seasons have changed there for so must my wardrobe as it's now (Oh I can't bring myself to say it) win...winter, rain,ice, fog, snow and footwear depression awaits.
Thank god then for such gorgeous boots:buckles, studs, patent shine,leopard print, platforms and killer heels. Perhaps winter will be brighter this year after all?

Here are the ones I'm lusting over, hmm but which pair to save up for?

board by: prettyneons.

1.Red tartan boots,£60
2.Patent illustration boots,£50
3.Leopard print platforms,£60, all from office
4.Blue leopard print boots from Pixiemarket


♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

cool frikken boots huh - nice with some hot pants!

Such a nice comment- thankyou :)

The make up was just luck im not normally as lucky

That proh you just watched sounds great- how do i get my mits on it?

Hope you feel better for te weekend.

Just going to update my blogger now- give you something to look at my luvly!

Peace & love xxx

daisychain said...

the leopard print ones. do ittttttt.

prettyneons said...

ha ha ha I will do it I will!!hehe ;)
prettyneons xXx