05 May 2011


Firstly hands up I've neglected this place, this blog and yes guilty I am of a hiatus in blog land altogether I've not even managed to catch a glimpse of any other fashion blog either, forgive me? Well I'll let you decide on the latter, and while you do so may I hit you all with my excuse for my odd decision to get up and leave blogging for so long?Okay thanks, well I've been consumed with a business plan. See I'm currently hatching a vintage accessories biz.Hysterical I know me and business mixing together, maths, figures, forward planning and mega multi-tasking everything I'm not.Until now.Leisure's such as cafe crashing,magazine binging, blogging and shopping had to come last on my list of priorities in the attempt for me to achieve the epic task of beginning a business (still work in progress by-the-by).Finally I've managed to sort out a routine/schedule and hopefully fingers crossed there won't ever be a blank page on this blog again.Prettyneons has returned...

And she is sick to death of the floral frenzy of which I got caught up in for oohh three years,seriously my wardrobe was morphing into a green house, I myself was slowly turning into a flower pot.I've over watered the floral trend and now the petals have lost their pretty appeal.Be it ditsy floral print or bold bouquets my fashion crush on all flowerish things has reached the end.I'm rebellion in the form of alternative prints...who would of known huh?Prints other than floral actually exist.Bring on the tropical palm trees.Right so it's not a huge departure from florals,however every fashion journey must start somewhere.Plus the weather is utterly wet, grey and damp alas I need a touch of tropical at this moment of time.
Other prints I've been dabbling with are sea shells,ickle adorable bunny prints,classice black and white polka dots and just something on the side paisley which I've had the odd cheeky flirt with.Though whether I decide to adopt paisley permanently is yet to be decided.


daisychain said...

you are back and my life is complete x

prettyneons said...

awwww so sweet!!!!!XxX