18 May 2011


...and my obsession right now is River Island, a shop I often forget about or to be more frank a shop I often snub.Because, because,because the last time I checked into RI there were just too many fabulous floral frocks all over the joint.Which as you may already know I'm desperately trying to detach myself from, and the temptation of flower power was just too much, a swift exit was required alas I've not paid any attention to River Island in a bid to prevent myself from planting any more flowers in my Green house,err I mean wardrobe.
So hows your departure from all things floral going?I hear you ask (even if you didn't ask that question I'm gonna spill it anyway),goodish. I add on an ish as I may of had a little floral episode a miner set back in the form of a rose print purse, come on accessories don't count right!?Oh and I kinda may of erm purchased some daisy -print- tights (she says rapidly in an attempt to divert attention from floral error)once again I never ruled out tights and even if I did rules are for breaking... yadda yadda.
I'm far too honest on here I could have dropped a white lie I needn't of admitted to my floral flaws,however despite these I've not purchased any floral print garments.No, no I've entered the dark side of elephants and pineapples.RI's cool collection of quirky prints fruitee's (do ya see the spin I done there?)and shorts have been a welcomed distraction from all things floral.Floral obsession,what floral obsession?My minds concentrating on one thing and one thing only (or two things if you want to get all exact and math teacher on me)THOSE elephant shorts and THOSE yellow t-bar shoes...swoon River Island my new love affair?Hell yes.

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