19 May 2011


Okay I promise that is the last Marina lyric I'll pinch for my post title, however
it's a lyric that describes my absolute disgust and horror when I stumbled upon a heap of plastic bags stuffed with clothes, shoes, bags etc's that I've hardly worn and basically neglected for all this time.
Although there was only me in the room I couldn't prevent the embarrassment
and shame that hit me whilst looking down on two/three bags of clobber some with swing tags intact.Followed by thoughts of,'why do I continue to shop the way I do?'
I was baffled too because despite being a blogger of all things fashioness, I honestly don't hit the shops very often at all,perhaps every two months with the occasional quick dash to the thrift shops.I suppose all those 'occasional'
little thrift treats all mount up,whether those treats and fashion awards (so to speak) were justified at the time of purchase or not.There's no excuse for such greedy 'oh well I've been working so hard I deserve this bag/dress/shoes' attitude.
I'm guessing the neglected bags of clothes I discovered were most probably from my bake bean years i.e student days:when I repeatedly abused and bashed the old student discount plastic swallowing every fashion sale I could possibly digest.To the point where I began to burp bags and chocked on shoes.Now I may know why I behaved in such a reckless way,dedicated to frequently sniffing out my next fashion retail fix.Because I was desperately filling a home sick void (or so I thought)plus all those sales combined with student discount card created brilliant escapism when by the second year of uni it hit me like a two ton of bricks how much waste of time my fashion degree had became.Now two years later my approach to shopping is completely different more organised,considered and defined I no longer buy just to buy and I hardly ever hit the high street most my wardrobe is thrift.And of course I've began to learn what suits me and what doesn't...jeans, maxi dresses,flat pumps they are all my worst wardrobe enemies!
So what's happened to those bags of clobber from my uni days?I dropped them at the charity shops and exchanged them for some 1940's style bow print shorts,just a treat £2 from Sue Ryder ...whoops some habits are hard to kick.

in...thrift shorts I snagged from charity shop

out...the neglected bag of clothes I donated to the charity shop

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