06 May 2011


This year instead of throwing myself at the summer sandals I'm opting for loafers and brogues.Snubbing the following- raffia strappy sandals,espadrilles (pauses to let out a large yawwwn) and the stubborn shoe summer trend which never fails to sod off I'm refering to those worn out cork heeled wedge sandals...no one cares.Okay so I may just be speaking for myself however I like to belive I speak for the global fashion pack when I say corks should strictly be limited to bottles of bubbly only.Not on shoes, it's gone from boring to damn right tedious.Soon as the sun makes an appearence,out comes the cork sandals and in extreme cases suspicious looking toes.Nobody wants to see that shit.I'm on a one woman mission,to eliminate (if not exile) all those strereotypical summer sandals.Yup for mild shock value I'm getting a pair of brand new brogues, coral brogues in fact why stop there? I may just have a Friday brogue binge?
Oh the shoe anarchy!For where is the cork?My foot steps shall make a statment-cork heeled and raffia sandals are dead.RIP,it's over,for cork and raffia you no longer own the summer.Step to one side espadrilles, for this summer bright brogues, and pretty little loafers are going to pound the pavements.

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