11 November 2008

Sex Studs Rock & Roll!

Photograph From; Punk The Whole. Story by Deborah Harry.
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Photograph; Gucci
'The inner Rock Goth was always there?'
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First of all I know I'm a girl of contradictions from time to time, what with 'wheres the fun in fashion gone?' shortly followed by me being seduced by the darker, more serious side of fashion...I can't exactly put my finger on to why all of a sudden I'm gravitating towards all things Gothic or should I say 'Rock Goth' (as after all the catwalk and numerous fashion designers has demonstrated various shades of Goth. Not just the more common Adams family Gothic style. Not that the Adams family are at all common; its just me myself prefer the Winona Ryder 'Beetlejuice' style). My over night interest in the edgier, jet black fashion Gothic underworld has perhaps been fueled by the fact I purchased 'Edward Scissor Hands' on dvd for only £2! (Halloween has long gone...however you have no idea how very long I've longed to replace my video version of this film for a dvd format, as the video is well and truly worn out!)...Ok so combine the brilliant costume from 'Scissor Hands with flicking through the pages of a fashion magazine and discovering 'that' multi-textured, tassel, chunky studded bag from Gucci ...Now it all makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Shear random occurrence of events!

I feel almost compelled (especially after seeing those Gucci trousers lined with perfect square studs) to literally throw myself into a studded frenzy ( seeing there is no way on earth I'm ever going to afford the real thing). I've bought bags and bags of studs all in different shapes and sizes, to line an old pair of black jeans with, though being a bit of a perfectionist I'm sketching up various stud 'formations' and placement! Wish I could just let myself go in the genuine true spirit of a Rock & Roll 'sister'.Only I really cannot- not-plan before the lead up to customizing a piece. Beautiful results often come from wild mistakes. However I loath shopping for jeans (more of a dress and skirt girl) there for am more aware of the dreaded consequences if this 'Rock Gothic' experiment of mine goes wrong! Possible and amusing result post on the way?

PS, On a very unrelated note; *sorry's* for later then usual post... my computer went bust! Ugly mean and damn aggressive 'Virus'. All better now (touch wood).


Annie said...

Oo, rock goth, sign me up.

Wana said...

they all too hot!

S of Modern-Guilt said...

great inspiration. This has always been a look I gravitate towards, so I'm glad that it's very 'in' at the moment :)