13 November 2008

I Heart You

Above Photographs; Antoine Peters collection
Photograph 'Colours Colours Colours!' by;Prettyneons.

The items in my photo; Skull bag, Numerous plastic bracelets, Ice cream Umbrella; All from various charity shops.

I'm afraid my wishing has indeed continued right through today though your be pleased to know my imaginative 'paper doll' dress up day dream has progressed (and I bet you thought I was going to say it had came to an end. Afraid not folks, though the gift ideas for xmas has, your be pleased to know). Yep my hopeful wishing has gone up a notch and reached a whole new vibrant level, I simply can't get enough of colour at the moment (in contrast though I'm still pursuing my 'Rock Goth' style ambition to no avail. Damn I'm a confused little creature aren't I? Perhaps I could be a multi coloured Rock Goth...erm second thoughts maybe not). My need, lusting (and wishing) for all the clashing colours in the rainbow has with out a doubt been further influenced by Antoine Peters

Fashion designer Antoine Peters vibrant creations has left me feeling even more deprived of colour (cheers Ant nice one!) the paint pallet consists of alert orange (whats wrong with using slightly quirky colour descriptions?) blinding yellow and striking pink; Its the playful details such as the off beat collars and panels thats got me all besotted and in a fluster, this guy is ticking all the; 'just what miss neon goes crazy pathetic over' boxes...Striking colours; Check. Imaginative use of panels; Check. Playful prints; Check. CHECK CHECK CHECK. Is there any elements Antoine forgot to incorporate into his designs? Me thinks not. He can do no wrong, in my eyes anyway... Oh I feel a infatuation coming on...needless to say some more wishing!

visit; www.antoinepeters.com

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S of Modern-Guilt said...

Those are GORGEOUS! Very, very impressive, and I definitely want the second one down :)