18 November 2008

You Got To Shine On!

Photograph by; Prettyneons
Photographs; Peter Pilotto

Am I bad or what? Sorry's for the erm...'delay' between posts I feel guilty like I'm back at school desperately trying to justify the excuses to why my weekend home work is absent..."dog ate it, I dropped it in a puddle... Oh wait actually miss I did complete the assignment only silly me I've gone and forgot it, its instead left safely at home (again)." Of course by now I should be fully aware these lame excuses don't, by any means work and besides I own no pets yet alone a dog! Not to mention I'm no longer in education either and am happy to announce I don't miss 'weekend homework' also I don't have any desire or wish to revisit them damn; exam, tie wearing, stuffy class room days! That would be wrong and very foolish of me to endure such extreme conditions second time round...

Any how would you believe me though if I told you the genuine reason behind my absence (please note: this is not a weak and petty excuse). Right here it goes folks, I've been searching the vast land (ok...correction required. I've been sourcing out exciting fashion gems) armed with my not so desired piece of crap camera, which seems to have a complete mind of its own. What with it making the decision to as when it will zoom in or out...never mind how I chose to set the 'snap shot' moment, bloody thing seriously lacks 'mega pixels' ( new improved camera is being added to the Xmas list as I speak, or type even. Oh you know what I mean!). So when my camera would respond to my snap shot demands (five times out of ten) I succeeded in taking some photographs of really beautiful... and yes shimmering sequined objects (still very much hooked on all things 'sequined', tempted to feature the marvelous sequin with my daily make up routine/ look. Step too far perhaps? Why the hell not though!?). Would you just look at this magical and glorious clutch bag (above;top) sequins delicately hand stitched to create a spiderweb pattern. With a hint of rich emerald red and green sequins. This gem I discovered on display at a junk shop I'm baffled to as why and how this item found its way to a 'junk' shop? I'd love to know the story behind it, I tried my best to get some explanation however to no avail or reason other then; "some lady handed it in with a load of other stuff"*shocking*. There's absolutely no way on earth I could hand such an accessory into a junk shop along with some old jeans and ugly jumper! Nope never.Specially a sequined accessory...for awhile now I've been trying to search for answers and pin point to as where this sequin fetish of mine has stemmed from, and no it isn't the build up to decorating the Xmas tree (though I'm overly excited about that future day dedicated to embellishing those special festive branches!). I came to the conclusion its the result of witnessing Peter Pilotto

The a/w '08 collection was eccentric and fulfilling enough (did you see the silk-satin tunic at Matches? Wow is the descriptive word). Though when my eyes marveled at Peter Pilotto's summer '09 collection a/w '08 was long stored to the back and archived away in my sequined heavily embellished, consumed head. The guy once dressed Westwood's window (need I say more?)...oh yep one more minor detail his design partner Christopher De Vos used to also be Vivienne Westwood's design assistant. They sure have progressed!

visit; www.peterpilotto.com


DaisyChain said...

Thank you for the kind words. My weekend was so/so, and yourself? I intended to send you a text earlier to kick you in to updating this, but I'm yet to locate my phone (again!)

I love the clutch bag,
and am now itching to wear sequins on my face! Maybe for a chritmas party?

S of Modern-Guilt said...

That clutch is superb. And I kind of like the lo-fi quality of your photos :)

Krystal said...

i want it all

Grace said...

Thanks for reading my blog!

I have awarded you a Kreativ Blogger Award and tagged you! Spread the love. :)


Sunniva said...

LOVE the sequin clutch! It's amazing <3

Monikapolitan.com said...

wow...beautiful! I love sequins!