02 November 2008

I Like To Watch Candles Burn

Photograph by; Thomas Nutzl
Styling by; Antje Winter

'Last Night' by; Prettyneons

I like the night (not in a vampire way) as suddenly I find myself wide awake I've been this way since I was a child. That feeling you get (I speak for myself?) when the whole world is asleep and your suppose to also be in abstract slumber land, however your still up and in notion while life is on pause for others...always feels like a combination of magic and naughtiness (suppose thats from childhood. When your meant to be in bed asleep, yet really your awake reading or drawing under the covers with a torch: yes this was a tricky task to practice). I'm almost wide awake most nights no matter how exhausted I may have been feeling during the day, that exhaustion soon fades and very much disappears to god knows where?

Yep so you guessed it I begin to walk around at a lose end not totally sure what to do with myself, can't play my guitar or drums in fear of being a pest to neighbors above ( Live in an flat, sometimes annoys me when sleepless nights do occur). Pretty much read all of my books and tv I have not much patience or attention spam for (unless theres a interesting documentary on or amusing comedy) Oh I know I'll whack some music on...(what cd to chose? BRMC will do just fine) and get some pots of ink out and twigs from under the kitchen sink. There is where I also discover a magazine (please don't ask me how or why a magazine is under the sink. As honestly I haven't the faintest!). with a feature that includes one of my treasured, adored stylists Antje Winter ( I get excited by certain stylists similar to how people might be over the moon if they hear their favourite band being played on the radio). Which makes me feel slightly ashamed to as how this ever got shoved under the kitchen sink in the first place? I'm loving the various textures and different shades of black in this photograph (by Thomas Nutzl) so divine and elegant with an killer edge, just genius isn't it? This photograph no doubt influenced my need to dramatize and highlight features of the flowers I sketched at my bedroom table, splashing thick dark ink around swapping (while also occasionally tapping away to the background music) various thin sharp twigs for fat cigar like ones. Not knowing my limits I'm pulling out old skirts and dresses, in an attempt to select just one of the following garments to customize. By of course painting black fabric paint (in the same style as my ink and twig drawing) onto the surface of my old dress, which is still drying I can't wait to embellish over the top of it. Now I need to decide what sequins and beads I'm going to abuse for the decoration; shape, colour and feel is so important to me when I'm embellishing a garment. Its too easy to chose the wrong type of sequin and risk spoiling the design, no one wants to appear similar to a Christmas tree (that in mind, the clothes I often throw on make myself look like just that).


Make Do Style said...

Great title and then good pics and text to follow.


Definitely...no Christmas tree, at least not for now... Thanks for your kind words dear. Hope you have a fab new week! ;)

S of Modern-Guilt said...

I looove BRMC more than I can say...have been in 2 of their music videos actually, haha! Have you heard their new instrumental album? I'm not sure how I feel about it yet...anyways...
Great photos, and I really, really like your style of writing.
Link trade perhaps?

DaisyChain said...

I love the photos, especially your artwork.

J'Adore Fashion said...

love the artworks!!!

prettyneons said...


Wow 'j'ador fashion' thank you's for your lovely comment. X