29 November 2008

Thats Mine! Now Please Back Off (Please?).

Photo from; Ebags.com

Photos From; AB-irato s/s '09

Um... so I'm not sure if you guys tend to occasionally (maybe occasionally is not the correct word, when I do this on a unhealthy daily basis, like brushing my teeth routine) go round and round the old webby doing a spot of 'pretend I can afford such items' shopping? But I sure well do. Its up there with visiting junk shops and drinking coffee. God how I take pleasure and enjoy to kid myself, 'yeah no price too big for me, I'm a frigging rock star, bring on the fashion goodies', of course I'm none of the above and in fact so very far from it and to be completely honest I'd make a very rubbish 'rock star' anyway, being very uncool ( I'm not awaiting violins to be played, for it is just fact) and a awful 'light weight' bloody hell I don't even smoke! I'm aware I'm blabbing and going astray here, back to the 'pretend shopping' topic. I love nothing more than to abuse my mouse and waste time on simply starring at stuff I will probably never ever in my whole entire life afford (or just perhaps I could If a) I stopped carelessly bashing my purse on cd's and tights b) avoided trains, oh those ticket prices are too killer, and not in a positive way). Reality can sure be a bit of a burden at certain times, and this is where the imagination and online fashion shops come in handy you can't beat escapism even more so when its in the lovely form of dresses, shoes and last but not least...(drum roll please...) necklaces. On my latest fix and colorful trip around the wonderful webby I checked upon AB-irato and to my surprise appeared in front of me their s/s '09 collection. Instant crush of the 24/7 kind, I simply can't stop thinking about the items and how I'd wear them? Where I'd wear them and just when will I get the opportunity to generally embrace and feel such garments brush against my skin? Crush or what? As for the heart rich jeweled clutch complete with a classic clasp:Oh the soft sound of a clasp 'clicking' open and closed...makes me feel all funny inside...However I've been wanting the Iglu & Hartly tunes to my selfish disposal for some time now and that time has arrived, and a lady can't have it all. One or the other.

visit; www.ab-irato.fr


Krystal said...

oooh ya, agreed <3

Terencesambowrites said...

Nah gimme all of dat its mine ;o)

Talented designer there :o)

Do drop by my blog n show some love got new posts...

Sunniva said...

First I have to say a huge thank you for the comment you left on my blog! You are too sweet, my dear, and it's comments like the one you wrote that really encourage me to keep on blogging...so thank you very much :)

I can definitely understand why you're loving these items. I'm right there with you! And I believe you'd make a very good rock star because I find you very cool indeed!


S of Modern-Guilt said...

That dress in the second photo is heaven - I want!

Bella said...

I love it... "pretend shopping"!
Guilty, a few times.

The last image! Love. Pure love.

DaisyChain said...

I'm the same with online shopping...well online window shopping haha.
One day I'll be rich. I hope =)