27 November 2008

Baubles KaPow!

Photo from; kapowwow

I'm beginning to think my taste for the unusual is beginning to get a little out of control, I keep seeing more and more Christmas decorations being thrown up around lots of various areas. Every time I see those Christmas lights I get all amused probably more so than I should...especially when I begin pondering over the possibilities of wearing Christmas decorations either in my hair or perhaps create a necklace out of old tree baubles (I've got this massive box full of really tacky 70's/ 80's style decorations. For some reason I often see such baubles in greasy spoon cafes or take aways...urm?). In all seriousness I've thought long and hard about exactly how I could casually throw in some tree baubles, I'm more then desperate to experiment. Everything about baubles I adore, the colours, the patterns with some mad snowman on, the shape...Oh the shape now were talking. My favorite tree bauble is in the form of a tear drop, you know the ones? Shape is the close runner up to sequins for me...

Hence why I'm most likely to go into a fit when ever I discover a item from Ka/Pow/Wow, these designers know how to play around with scale and structure like no other person on this earth. Inspired by fruity structures...how fantastic is that? Inspired by natural structures and form of fruit and coral, brilliant just brilliant all made from recycled bits and pieces...(I feel a Ka/Pow fit coming on, foaming at the mouth. Too much detail?). Ka/Pow's pieces are a stylists wet dream their so versatile, wear the ruffled pompoms as a hair band... or a belt...or a necklace what more can you ask for? Its pure fashion/ accessory manipulation magic! Each item has a secret surprise hidden in layers upon layers of ruffles with hundreds of little pleats twisting and a- twirling pain painstakingly hand crafted;wow indeed. These beautiful works of ruffled, frilly magic aren't just for the festive season, though you can't help but imagine how truly spectacular Ka/Pow/Wow's black and gold metallic Necklace collar would look with a simple black or dark jewel navy dress at that Christmas Party, of course. Maybe I won't have to drown myself in Christmas tree baubles after all and risk looking like a Christmas cracker?

visit; www.kapowwowobjects.com


S of Modern-Guilt said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I've accumulated over the years a collection of the tackiest Christmas sweaters and earrings and whatnot that I wear nonstop the week of the 25th.
I love these pieces you've shown :)

DaisyChain said...

you have amazing taste

Bella said...

Hands-down I love this...
and "Ka/Pow's pieces are a stylists wet dream"... fantastically said!


disa said...