12 November 2008

Wardrobe Wantings

Photograph; Carin Wester A/W 08
Photograph;Carin Wester A/W 08

You know sometimes, I have these moments where I simply stop and wish for certain items to keep my wardrobe company ( it must get lonely in that dark space from time to time). Well today I very much had one of those; 'I can only wish' moments, where everything stands still for a split second (alright then at least a good five minutes!) and I find myself having very vivid visuals in my brain. Visuals that consist of imagining myself as a 'paper doll' dress up, with no limits to an access of piles and piles of fashion goodies stacked up high to the ceiling that include; shoes, accessories and pieces from Carin Wester's A/W 08 collection (particularly the above, just in case anyone would like to buy me a Christmas present? You don't have to splash out on both. The dress will do just fine...oh go on then I will take both please and thank you). My 'paper doll' dress up day dreams often get out of control and become extremely imaginative maybe ever so slightly berserk? Though in all honesty when faced with Carin delights who wouldn't begin to get carried away in all the madness? Carin Wester's collections year in year out become more and more stronger and difficult to ignore (maybe I speak for myself there?) The garments are versatile and a blank canvas; they can be both elegant and edgy, thanks to the sharp cuts of each piece...So if you people's don't mind I'm going to continue my day dream and 'select' some good company for my ever so isolated wardrobe.


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DaisyChain said...

I am having one of those I can only wish weeks I think! Hehe. You have amazing taste.