24 November 2008

The Tale Of Tipsy Toes

Photo; Christian Louboutin

Photo; Troy Burch
Photo; Jerome C Rousseau
Photo; Jerome C Rousseau

Photo; Diesel

Shoes Shoes Shoes...for this is all that seems to run through my head these last couple of days, no matter how occupied I may be there is always just enough spare minutes (often when traveling, sometimes I feel like such a gypsy, give me a crystal ball already!) for me to ponder over the complicated yet glorious shoe. Oh the robotic texture and form of the Christian Louboutin...(Yep thats right the Louboutin shoe above reminds me of a robot foot. In a good robot way, not a big old rusty clumsy robot)...them there's the striking blocked Rousseau colour shoe complete with blue berry heel and gold patent toe.Not to mention the Troy Burch patent black boot ( bring on the patent, oh I feel a new phase coming on) yet another boot that for some unknown reason reminds me of a robot, I think it may be the strong shape and overall semi masculine structure, combined with a delicate gold features contrast contrast contrast ( I'm liking the 'triple' use of word today). Back down to earth with a almighty bump! I'm yet to reach that stage in my life where I can 'dip' into my bank account and splash out on such extravagant yet very worthy shoes. These shoes I've selected ( especially the Burch!) are with out a doubt worthy of every penny I'm not suggesting all 'designer' shoes are worth my weight in gold. However though some shoes are more then just for practical purposes ( running around, catching a cab etc...) certain shoes can be I believe a work of true art and are even capable of provoking debate...(anyone else remember those shoes without a high heel? Now you sure can't catch a cab in them, unless of course your extremely brilliant and skilled in a spot of balancing). Stick with me guys I'm concluding towards a final point here (*promise*) it annoys the hell out of me when sometimes people string together sentences such as: " Oh shoes are simply shoes, there's nothing else to them. No shoe on earth is worth more then £30, shoes don't even differ or change in style that often...wow big deal there's flats, high heels, wedged or all stars". Wrong wrong ...alright I shall discontinue repeating a word more than twice. Please though think about the time, thought and craftsman ship behind your favorite pair of shoes,that's of course if you don't already? Shoes are ART; that you can slip your feet into and 'paint' adventures with, no?


DaisyChain said...

oh no oh no oh no
I should not have read all this
I NEED new shoes

S of Modern-Guilt said...

I'm not usually a huge fan of Tory Burch but OH MY GOD THOSE BOOTS ARE FABULOUS I NEED THEM.
I agree with DaisyChain, my bank account is not going to appreciate the fact that I saw this post :)

Bella said...

Ankle boots!!! Give me ankle boots!!!

Sunniva said...

I love your closing line! It is so important to remember that shoes are art, and that it has been put a lot of effort into making them.

Love the Louboutins and the Diesel shoes..wonderful!!

I'm great, thanks for asking :) How are you? I hope you're doing well! xoxo

Winnie said...

Oh wow!!
Those metallic pink/purple Louboutins are amazing but I do love those Blue diesal ones!!

Shoes are most definitely art.

Ashleigh said...

I usually dont really like Tory Burch..but those...I might make an exception for