06 November 2008

Only In My Head; Chapter 2

'Fears aren't always ugly' by; Prettyneons
'Fears aren't always ugly' by; Prettyneons

I've been in hiding staying well and truly within my comfort zone; these four walls ( that isn't an exact clear description of my flat, though its small and similar to a box it has more than four walls. Just). Why? Why have I been in hiding did I commit a petty crime? Oh no, I've not broke the law. Its for a reason far less daring and well I suppose it would be fare to say pathetic... (especially coming from someone who is a spontaneous, frill seeker by nature).Fire work night. It frankly scares the living shit out of me, explosions and thundering bangs! Run hide save your life, these are the thoughts that ring through my head come around the 5 November year in year out since the day I made a sharp exit from my mothers womb. On fire work night sometimes I wish I could cruel back into the womb, I'm pretty much sat under a table with a tin of red bull clinging on to the table cloth for fear of my dear little life. I know grow up right? Your not a child get some guts your stupid woman. The only part I do like about fire work night is the combinations of colours and patterns that burst and light up the sky, if only the sound could be put on mute. God if I feel terrified how on earth must cats feel? Thats another blog for another day...

So while sheltering under the kitchen table I finished a drawing which I began over a month ago in my...'only in my head' scrap book ( a fact my friend often likes to point out and make clear to myself. Sarcastic dude). I find theres a pattern going on in my scrap book, its kind of like a story organized similar to a story book, in regards to it seems to always have chapters each with its own conclusion...or better term ending. This chapter ended with lines and colours influenced ( from afar) by the ever exploding fire works, which can please *STOP* now. 5th November has been and gone. Thank God, as now I can cruel back out from underneath the table!


DaisyChain said...

You truly are such a sweetheart, you comment made me smile and your kindness is overwhelming.
Of course, I'd love a piece of your work. Feel free to drop me an e-mail (laura_the_princess@hotmail.com). Unless you change your mind, which is cool.

I hate fireworks night as well. Always have done, but even more so now my cat is getting old and jumpy. I worry about his little heart.

Much love.

Wana said...

a standing ovation darlin!

Bella said...

Your masterpiece is so inspirational... the lines and colors are gorgeous!!