03 November 2008

Haven't Changed My Clothes Since Yesterday

Photograph; Blue Bird.
Photograph; Blue Bird.
Photograph; Museum, Vintage Fashion Exhibition.

I know I know the 'Vintage' debate who really cares? For this is an fashion favourite topic, covered and done over and over again by just about everyone; yet some how the discussion on vintage is never quite done then dusted (so to speak). So if you don't mind (and well if you do, find another blog to amuse yourself with, for now). As I'm not about to hold any punches back, and here it goes...

Since when did vintage become an item of clothing that was only just from yesterday? Or a little bit old, dating as far back as last week... Do you understand what I mean? I personally believe the word 'Vintage' is used too carelessly without thought or even respect for that matter. No don't worry I'm not about to copy and paste the definition of 'Vintage' from the dictionary (thats patronizing for us all and one of my pet hates. Pretend Mr know- it- alls. Besides were grown ups and this isn't a dissertation!). It just annoys the hell out of me and really gets me ticking, how the word vintage is thrown around like a old rag doll becoming frayed and fragile at risk of over doing it. As someone who really doesn't adorn vintage too often I'm baffled to as why I care and am so concerned about it? Please don't get me wrong I do own a few vintage pieces like this Disney t-shirt from way back in my older sisters day (we have a huge age gap between us, this is a fantastic thing; Not only when it comes to adopting some second hand clothing, but to music as well. I've been with out a doubt influenced by always growing up around older people). Like I said though I'm not a dedicated fan of vintage thinking about to as why not, I figure its because discovering a piece of true vintage is so very difficult and challenging. For in my eyes true vintage garments should transport a person back in time to another decade whether this be the multi coloured psychedelic period or the mellow times of the hippy.

So I was more then ecstatic when I had and felt just this sort of time travel experience, when I stumbled across Blue Bird on ebay which is the nearest thing to a time travel experience I myself have ever occurred or for that matter, even secretly peeking through my older sisters wardrobe (not been caught so far, touch wood). For Blue Bird are genuine the real deal their gems aren't unworn, unstamped 'just from last year' vintage garments. Their wide range collection of used and designer items have soul and personality running through the stitching, Blue Birds treasures are from a real mix of decades such as the sixties, seventies and eighties (embrace the eighties, come on it wasn't all bad. The eighties do get some abuse and there are some great items to be found from that time plenty in fact). Blue Bird have wonderful gems from the Mod and Boho years and of course partnered with that there an array of mini dresses and fab 'rock star' over sized glasses. Just in case the sun does decide to come out.



Make Do Style said...

In wine terms vintage is anything a year old - best to think of everything as secondhand the term vintage dresses it all up to make it have value verses this seasons ready to wear

S of Modern-Guilt said...

Agreed totally - my parameter for using 'vintage' is something that's 15+ years old...otherwise it's just 'thrifted', in the context of my closet anyways :)

Bella said...

Agrree.... I think a lot of people easily confuse secondhand with vintage!

But I'll tell ya... I adore it, no matter what!