19 November 2008

Wunderful And Kind... Summer '09

Above photos of fashion print designs...(in the process) by; Prettyneons

My computer is driving me up the wall lately...don't worry I don't intend to bang on 24/7 about the poor conditions of all my digital devices I have in my possession what with yesterdays brief moaning and complaining about the old camera. Please feel free to ignore the technology rants of mine, though like I said this isn't becoming a daily feature. Why from today I plan to call it off. There all done now.
So I've been drooling uncontrollably over Wunderkinds spring/ summer '09 collection that consisted of a damn head pleasing whirl wind of soft, floaty fabrics (absolutely zero sequins, and yes I'm still very much getting treatment for that ever so slight addiction) such as chiffon's and best friend of the miss chiffon (giving fabrics a gender?) lace. Topped off nicely with plenty of free spirit frills, though Wunderkinds s/s collection is also very much full of the unexpected as well as expected? Just as you think you've sussed out whats going to spring up next, "right so I understand large, bold rose prints...Wait whats this then? Polka dots, damn fine Smartie like polka dots at that". Wunderkind kept rolling out these surprising punches, each one harder then the last! With combo's of big slouchy tartan patches and tiny elegant tartan bows, grown up,sophisticated fairytale lace dresses. With masculine, strong sculptural silhouettes followed by...prints of shy butterflies and like I mentioned before yummy candy like 'Smarties'... or to more non sweet tooth people polka dots. In dark blue, bright orange, lazy lilac, pale pink, lemon yellow and milk chocolate brown; intense yet soft colour way. I'd just like to thank this Wunderkind collection for reminding me to organise my own fashion print designs (see above). That I seem to be neglecting while selfishly seeking my dose of fashion. You may just spot a familiar friend up there in my prints...the flamingo, yet to leave my side!


The Paper Doll said...

Can't wait to see your print designs!!

S of Modern-Guilt said...

Excited to see your print designs! The one on that dress is so fabulous.
And yes, I so agree that the clutch would go well with my maxi dress :P

DaisyChain said...

Oh Wunderkind looks so amazing. I've never heard of them before now!

As always, your art work is fabulous! My dad is fixing our printer so I can print out the one you sent me!