07 November 2008

Where Has The Fun Gone?

Photograph; Whereareyounow?
'Lucky Dice' Photograph by; Prettyneons
Photograph; Whereareyounow?

Wow, its Friday everyone (just in case you didn't already know I thought I'd fill you all in, no probs). So I'm really feeling the not so positive atmosphere of late, I don't why or what even the reason is behind the large amounts of touchy, moody people (alright so I am aware of the credit crunch that is literally biting everyone, I'm not naive) I seem to be coming across every five minutes. Today was a bloody prime example of this current tense situation. It all began when this morning I decided to pile on the big clashing chunky bracelets piled up high to my elbow, for some reason I don't find this heavy use of accessories at all discomforting. Probably because I've been literally drowning myself in an array of plastic dressing up bracelets, bows and anything else I can wrap either around my wrists, arms or neck (the neck area is decorated with care. As it so easily could result into a ugly choking hazard). Since I was about four years old maybe even younger? Though I had no idea or visions back then that my passion and obsession with accessories would lead to a riot in the middle of the street... Today I was on a research trip and mission to find some beads and to also collect photographs for a theme mood board (I know right. Exciting stuff I get up to, though I really do love nothing more then creating theme mood boards. I kid you not my friends). So any how and by the by I accidentally caught this girls chunky knitted cardigan with my fruit themed bracelet (gorgeous cardigan this girl was wearing, had large ladders and other Punk style distressed features). To cut a long story short; all hell broke out, though straight away guilt kicked in and I automatically poured out my apologies. Not enough it would seem. For my sincere sorry's weren't going to pull me through this embarrassing scene. The girl just stopped and starred at me for what felt like forever and then said "oh thats ok you don't know how to use your eyes! Maybe you should remove the crap from your hair?"... Fine I'm use to digs in this context by random strangers passing me by on the street, after all style is suppose to provoke right? It couldn't possibly be because I like to dress up for no particular special occasion and have some 'five year old' *fun*.

This moment has been re playing in my mind revolving round and round like a carousel for the last few hours. Its not so much the girls remark but the fact that not many individuals seem to have a personality has this resulted in us forgetting our sense of fun and freedom? Sure money is tight I'm not exactly rolling in it myself. Why not have fun though in both life and style? It doesn't cost anything...just a bit of imagination ( gosh, I'm sounding like Mary Poppins, I'm flying around with my umbrella as I type, spoonful of sugar anyone?)... On a lighter note I'm pleased to air my delight on the brilliant designer Josie Beckett aka sustainable fashion label Whereareyounow?. Now these creative bees know how to have some fun! The whereareyounow? team use a real colourful pic&mix of discarded materials. The list of unusual materials is a long one I've tried to edit the ingredients down; scarves, belts, ties, ribbons, necklaces and my personal favourite...tea towels! Yep tea towel skirt with an old piece of tie stitched in (for example) to make a pocket, genius. Genius further more as none of the recycled garments appear recycled, the range of mini dresses and skirts do look ultra playful and super girly. Combined with the one-off eclectic sourced fabrics, resulting in pieces that are innovative, unique, appealing and most importantly Fun!

Visit; www.whereisjosienow.com


S of Modern-Guilt said...

LOVE that skirt in that first photo, and your picture of the coloured dice is so cool!
xo hope you have an amazing weekend!

The Paper Doll said...

I'm very much in love with that skirt up the top!! CUTE!

DaisyChain said...

Great post my sweet =)

Annie said...

Yeah, that skirt is really interesting. I also love the little multicolor trinkets. :)

Wana said...

loe the first skirt! yah, seems everyones too busy being serious! brings me bak to the jokers question'y u so serious??!!" heheh

Bella said...

The first image is adorable!!

Such a great post...

prettyneons said...

*Chucks* you gals are too kind! X