31 October 2008


'Too much make up?' ; By Prettyneons

Public transport is my second home whether it be a cab, bus or train: I feel I know it well maybe too well? What the hell not though why not live and breath on transport? You sure get to witness a lot more sights some colourful, others erm well...different. With different comes inspiring (I over kill that bloody word, and very much wear a hole in it). Only it can begin to get dull fast and I go crazy nuts when faced with boredom though sometimes boredom is freedom and us peoples enjoy and embrace that don't we?

Any how boredom and traveling is when I love to pen a story, when I over hear the odd conversations (believe it or not I hate gossip and so don't count this act as being intrusive. Rather instead enjoy watching a scene unfold and the world simply turning) on platforms patiently waiting for the delayed train or when queuing up in a shop. It throws at me so many ideas and general bits and bobs you know? I'm not mad promise. Some events that surround me at times I find very funny and sincere, this is when I amplify the present moment and empty my heavy loaded bag full to the top with a variety of tools (others might use the term shit. I much prefer 'tools') not knowing where to begin in this mad rush of ideas etc. Sorry let me try to explain what my eyes saw and ears heard... this girl all dressed up to meet someone special sweetly desperate to impress a man (she sounded as if she might have some serious tough competition, who knows?) and she urgently spits out to her pal 'Oh hey don't think I'm trying too hard? Am I wearing too much make up? God I don't look like a groupie do I? How could I not capture such a brilliant moment theres absolutely no way I could allow myself to miss it, so here you go:This is one of my sketches I simply do not have the guts to post up a chapter page from my little story and I feel it really wouldn't be of much interest to anyone, other then myself. I'm sure you agree that this drawing reveals more then enough? Without telling the end. Plus its much more enjoyable to sometimes make up your own ending.


DaisyChain said...

that drawing...no words to describe it's awesomeness.

MR style said...

your drawings are amazin !! im really surprised !!

ryan manning said...

victory in japan

Bella said...

Amazing!!! I love this post and the drawing is fantastic!!!