21 October 2008

Only in my head

'Scribble stitched icecreams'; Prettyneons
'Spinning stitched, & embroided teacup ride';Prettyneons

'Teacup ride' photo; Prettyneons
Prettyneons Scrap Book; Prettyneons

On an average week I roughly take well over a thousand photographs easily even with my eyes shut! Well alright that would be impossible but I'm working on it. I do love nothing more then a snap attack to exercise the imagination. Often I will whip my camera out at any given moment whenever something with eye catching jumps out at me for whatever reason, whether its the combo of colours, shapes, pattern,texture; basically anything I find magical and highly amusing. Sometimes I don't take a photograph when I know I should and instead regretting and beating myself up over it I hunt that place or object down with all my will. Camera, notebook, and felt tip pens in hand (these tools or weapons even... are my equivalent to a bow and arrow; Focus, snap, draw!)

By the end of my manic snap attack week I find myself sitting on the floor (I cannot stand the limited length and general space of a table. Makes me feel funny almost claustrophobic and frustrated. Needless to say this does cause problems when often enough life enjoys to test me, like when at the library I'm forced against my will to use a table. *Shivers*) surrounded my at least two different glue sticks, (can't be running out in the middle of the night banging on the crafts shop door. Yep this has happened before in a state of big time emergency) rolls of thread, pins, beads, ring pulls (oh I do adore in cooperating ring pulls into my ideas and designs) three different pairs of scissors (paper, fabric and crinkle edge scissors) Sequins, ribbons, balls of yarns (poms, poms of course. Oh and knitting) paints, pencils...ok so you get the idea? I have a hell of a lot of ideas attacking my brain and even more photos to escape in and cannot churn my design thoughts and experiments out quick enough. I cut, stick and stitch at a light speed pace almost possessed by the paint brush! Pouring all my varied visual mental notes that drip from the end of the paintbrush splash directly alongside my photographs into a scrap book (or shoe box.More then not I like to make my own books up out of what ever happens to be lying around. Because ideas flow more easily when not faced with a big white blank contained Sketchbook, intimidating they are those A4 square books!) I seem to accumulate such a high volume that I've had to kick some out and force them to nest elsewhere or make them at least pay rent for occupying too much room. So today I've decided to share and expose the contents and goings on of my cut and paste mind if only to give some old scrap books a purpose in life and something to do. ( sorry for referring to my scrap book as if it were a real living, breathing person. This is a habit of mine though lucky enough I've not began having a conversation with them. So surely the girl is still intact and sane?) Most the time I transfer and combine various scrap book ideas from past and present to stitch up some fashion designs, of which I shall also display at some point. For now I do hope the ingredients of my head serves as a good enough filler, if nothing else...

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