22 October 2008

Its all good good

All photos from; Goodone collection

OK so these last few days I've probably...no wait...without a doubt cooked myself an instant super fast gut buster diet of onion rings, fizzy drinks, coffee (black please) and last but not least prawn cocktail crisps ( may I just add that other chemically enhanced, crunchy, taste bud flavoured crisps. Are out there). Why such an un-nutritional artificial coloured die-it? Well my life for well over 48 hours consisted of unpleasant I'd even go as far to say violent...sewing machine drama! Rolls of navy blue thread snapping every 5 minutes due to tension schizophrenia. One minutes perfectly happy the next not in the mood for playing, or at least functioning. Then I wave a flag declaring war; against (yep you guessed it) the sewing machine, testing all my patience that I have within me, patience which by now is rapidly evaporating! I begin to shout, scream, swear and generally show the Punk of a sewing machine my nasty side ( yes I do have a nasty streak and its mean, alright so maybe not really that tough or horrid) I'm beating up and bashing the bobbins black and blue, No this act of rage, insane abuse didn't get me very far at all, if anything it left me feeling a bit guilty, dirty and well...ashamed. Oh how could I go and act so cold towards my best pal the sewing machine, silly moi. Have I just put our fun creative relationship in serve jeopardy?

Sometimes (and only really now and then, as the majority of time the sewing machine and I are on good grounds) when the days are dark due to my sewing machines reckless behavior so very self destructive and suchlike. Its undeniably tempting to pack up the sewing machine, throw the plastic protective cover over it and shuv it into a dark, dark corner and under the table. Then I cast my fragile creative state of mind on insanely artistic and inspirational designers, who I can only admire from afar. Designers such as Goodone. Who set loud alarm bells off in my head as an welcome reminder and visual mental sticky post-it note (bright florescent green are my personal favourite variety) that all is not lost. Fashion doesn't have to be played safe, rules are for breaking and Goodone are definitely kicking, punching and knocking down barriers. You know the barriers I'm talking about? That enormous red brick wall maze which situates between the following...art, fashion and recycling.

Only Goodone haven't just destroyed the barrier but have left it for dead in a pile of bricks, by combining all of the above. Though to say Goodone simply recycle and customize would be too lazy of me and also a major understatement (if not mistake) for they truly go out their way to deconstruct and reconstruct dead garments. Injecting them with a new life with the power to amaze and kick arse (apologies for the pom pom waving cheer leading excitement!) one off garments come in an array of complex contrasting colours and unique patterned, multi textured fabrics. The pieces are individual and are a beautiful contradiction of both sophisticated sportesque with a daring brave twist of 'all grown up' elegance. You can even co design your very own sustainable fashion piece with the genius help of the Goodone clan. However this isn't the best part, oh no the best part is Goodones garments don't necessarily appear 'recycled' which makes a nice change. Now I'm off to give my sewing machine a second chance.



DaisyChain said...

Argh now I want onion rings and prawn cocktail crisps and I don't even like them!

prettyneons said...


How are you? So sorry to make you want general bad junk food! haha, am I bad :/ (luving your blog soooo good!)

Peace and prawn cocktail crisps...

Prettyneons x