30 October 2008

Flu & Flumingos, Got Me In Stitches

'Zoo'; Prettyneons

First of all thanks my friends for all the lovely and very encouraging comments, your such a nice bunch, well anyway you all know how much the photos I took of Flamingos left me feeling very inspired indeed only at the very same time and shortly after my last post I was struck with flu (flu which is still very consuming me with shivers and other ever so not nice conditions!). Still I'm not letting some pathetic flu dampen my spirits, far from it in fact. I set my sewing machine up so quick and slammed my foot on the peddle only it seemed as if every time I went to thread the needle I went into a frenzy sneezing fit (ugly stuff, I shall let your imaginations run wild) my eyes streaming like some wild waterfall I only wish I was exaggerating how ever this is not myth but instead an ugly fact. Good results emerged from having a blurry vision due to looking through water filled eyes, some not so accurate stitching all free styled up at its very best. I threw in some embroidery just a lazy attempt to try and neaten the piece up, a little bit at least! I'm pleased with myself about this combination of stitch and flu 'experiment'. As some how and god knows how? but I've managed to capture the funny characteristics of the pink knobbly knee flamingos, well I think so anyway? I'm off to strum my guitar and sing about this damn killer style flu while highly medicated, this could result in a future post itself, watch this space folks!


DaisyChain said...

Wow, this is so amazing.
I want something like this on my wall.

You have crazy awesome talent.

LuVvy said...

I LOVE flamingos! They are so dainty and much like cats, they don't really care much for people being amused by them...ha ha!

cheers! Love your blog--



visual delights!!!
Love flamigos but not flumingos...

Wana said...

love flamingoes!! i want these pix!!!