01 October 2008

Oh to be a gobsmacked graduate...

So I've graduated from what feels like a lifetime of power point presentations (that I enjoyed doing I am very uncool, yes indeed) however they always failed because the uni's computer system seemed to be forever down and out, especially on Thursday mornings for some unknown reason? Anyway I'm drifting off a bit, back to the lifetime descriptive list... student digs, rice crackers, (disgusting foam like air filled 'food') unknown strangers popping in and out of the broken front door wedged at times with piled high junk mail to try and tighten up the security. Only the health and safety equipment put into to practice didn't go according to plan, when a random bloke with a hamster living in his hair (no joke) was abusing the shower caught looking very naked. I still have no clue to who he was or what he was doing in the girls only student dig but hey hey!

I know graduation wasn't going to be an easy ride I wasn't ever one of those 'well uni will pass some time until I know what it is I actually want to do with my existence' . Since I was out of my mums womb I was consumed and intrigued by colouring books , play dough, fuzzy felt, ribbons and of course as lame as it sounds now the fashion wheel. So before I was even part of the education system I was trying to figure out how on earth could I fit into the world by combining bits and pieces of the above (it did take some time throwing in the play dough element, I made badges and burned the fresh cold, delicious smelling primary colour playdough in the oven. I was a child and my imaginary friend made me do it! I'm sticking by that excuse) a light bulb went off in my head Fashion textile design!! Aha genius! Straight away I switched off Fragle Rock and got serious starting off with a important self taught lesson. How to colour in and stay within the lines rather then overlap the lines and ruin the dancing elephant juggling lollipops up, up! into the air. Fast forward into 2008 and as you can see I've finally created a blog after being told years ago by a history art tutor "that you should perhaps consider forming one considering your brain and all the thoughts it includes, run over time all the time." Ok so why didn't I bother before? Well I had been foolish opting to save up hard and purchase a drum kit instead of a computer oh a teenagers priorities. (Just for the record it wasn't a phase I've still got it and use it to death like my sewing machine) Yep so for yonk's now I've had no computer until now that is, technology has utterly passed me by without even nudging me into the whirly depths of myspace. (there are other social networking sites available) I've got to say I will be pretty amazed if this blog business works? God knows if my posts will be visible or even upload at all to be honest! Technology devices in general and me? Well the only comparison I can think of is oil and water needless to say it doesn't go. I sit near a mac and its sure to crash. I'm gob smacked at myself right now as my computer is still raring to go I can't emphasize it enough how delighted at both my computer and myself I am. Hence my photo I've inserted reckon it illustrates the phase ' chuffed' down to the t. Plus it was just handy really, I'm working on a repeat print design of these little wooden dolls and it saved me time rather than sourcing out another photo I could include to demonstrate my mood. Oh look at me I'm a poet and I didn't know it.

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