11 October 2008

Hey stranger excuse me

Hey hey I've been out and about running around like a mad person who has truly lost her mind I blame the crazy freakishly hot weather and the other five percent of blame is being placed on my ever longing and much needing dose of red bull. Oh my days I can't seem to get enough of its fizzy, sweet comforting taste followed by a ribena. This sort of thirst might just explain why on earth I felt the need to approach this lady when in London over the week, she was possibly wearing every colour that a human could without physically sucking the life out of a rainbow and choking on all the vibrant shades. Anyways I had no camera on me and no phone both were dead for whatever reason's. So after talking to this lady she kindly agreed for me to draw a quick rough sketch of her (above) on the back of my shopping list, I whipped out some tools from my bag and began sketching I had only a few minutes to capture such a brilliant character and style (she had a gig to attend her vital role she explained was the lead vocals. How great of her was it to stop in her tracks? For little old me to bash the crayons and felt tips) what struck me most of all were all the glistening layers of colour's that sparkled from her hair decorations and her arms consumed by multi strands of fly away frayed ribbons. The ribbons ever so slightly changed colour to a harsh almost coper gold tone. Lengths and widths of the delicate ribbon's appeared and transformed dramatically built up more and more, wrapped over these ribbed midnight blue tights right down to her feet where the ribbon's were poking through and screaming out through the gaps and tiny buckles of those child like sea side flat jelly shoes. Two words I would use to describe this wonderful mash of garments and accessories: Circus Doll!

PS , Big thanks for allowing me to draw you in the middle of a busy asda (theres ton's of other just as good super markets packed filled with never ending aisles of trolley rage. Though asda do have and supply great 'brand own' custard cream biscuits) walkway and keeping the rest of your band awaiting. Sorry about that.

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