15 October 2008

Help! I'm drawing in the rain

Does it have to always rain? Illustration: Prettyneons.

Shit weather todays (such an English thing to state weather conditions) now don't get me wrong I actually find joy in rainy wet weather theres just something about it? Seems to relax all of my scrambled and often muffled creative thoughts I find that more then often rain drops are my inspirational muse. If you will. Well for me anyhow I don't know about you? What I truly despise and cannot tolerate for more then lets say 20 minutes is freak wind gales that knock you off your tipsy toes into a large swimming pool deep, oil and grit puddle. Suddenly you need a small sail boat to try and paddle out of it, only those tides just continue to bog you down and tie you under into a soggy transparent knot. Perhaps I'm being just a touch dramatic? Only to rub salt into the wet windy weather wound, I was minus a coat. Foolish, daft even naive I'm aware of this however I'm really struggling to hunt down and source out a winter coat. A winter coat that isn't so long and ridiculously trailing behind my every step, slithering through various species of puddle. Making me appear like a pirate without the chirpy parrot perched upon my shoulders! I will not succumb to being wrongly mistaken as dressing up for a fancy dress party when I'm simply preventing myself from getting drowned like a rat. Also theres alot to be desired for the hundreds of coats and jackets in limited colour pallets, lined up row after row in high street fashion retail outlets. With not the slightest ounce of difference except maybe a square button suppose to round (oh you dare devil, you!) and a daring purple lining with contrasting stitch (now your killing me).

So from as now, I'm on a serious dedicated mission lock down; To source out a coat that is not but part different. Rather instaed bright, vibrant, characteristic and worthy of a raining day, and more then capable of causing confusion for others about the season. It might be bleak with trees shredding their skins but why should a girl have to freeze in her skin? Because coats are too damn depressing to run around and puddle splash in? No more, a good winter coat should serve as escapism from the realistic seasonal climate surely? Not reverse, after all nobody needs a constant reminder of the fact its actually bucketing with sharp heavy rain and above your head its thick shades of grey. Don't look up without a brilliant coat!


DaisyChain said...

Just saw you as a follower of my blog so thought I'd say hello =)
Your illustarations are amazing.

L x

EyeScream Industries said...

Hi prettyneons, thanks for the support!! :) Love your work, and now feel like I should start making winter coats!! :)

StickyKitten said...

hi prettyneons,

thanks for your comment on my blog! glad to hear you like my artwork =)
♥ Michelle