14 October 2008

A piece of cake


Ok so I don't know if I'm the only one who has thought that sandwich fillings (so to speak) in many a fashion magazines are not exacly the most delicous of a snack at the mo. I'm left feeling abit, well still starving hungry and not very full up. I open them pages flick past the advert spreads and dive straight into the,thick, crunchy dollops of tasty ingredient. Or at least it should taste good only its a sour let down isn't it? Boring and too predictable. We don't all want to throw ourselves into the depths of patternless, mundane and lets just go for good old plain jet black, gothic blues and other same old autumn winter options that forever occur winter in and winter out. What if? Just what if you have a craving for something more sweet, more decoratve, more morish. More oh I didn't see that coming?
The last few thoughts are what rushed through my brain rapidly forming a oh so yummy icing filled whirlwind, when I stumbled upon a fashion design team named tandcake (two of my favourite things combined and stickly stuck together) via good old ebay. I had no intentions of discovering such a delight, it was a rainy day and I was blocked full of flu I'm talking the ' I'm going to sneaz my head off' kind of flu. You know how it goes though you don't feel to bright and energetic as all energy has been spent on hundred's of almighty loud 'ACHOO'S!' Yet at the very same time your completely bored of staying in bed staring at a tissue box as if it's going to suddenly speak and give you a flu sympathy hug. I got up off my bum, made some marmite toast and a cupa tea. Slowly but surely finaly arriving at my destination; the computer; ebay. Soon as my eyes zoomed in on tandcake the inch thick sleep in my eyes magicaly cleared. Sneazing came to a sharp halt, as I squinted harder to focus on all the individual, colurfuly graphic, embellished goodiness that is tandcake. My eyes were going round and round admiring the wonderful graphics and distinctive stay in your head images. Such as magical, tall growing delicate flowers fussed with a wismical colour way you can almost stare into the designs and escape into this dream like other world that bites you with a ever so slight psychdelic edge. That has the capability of transporting you into the rock & roll of the 60's early 70's, while very intelligentley remaining with one foot in the more urban modern 21st century. At a time when fashion makes me want to spit it out and push my dinner plate away and keep at a safe distance, tandcake are a sustainable and extremely sweet tooth unique fashion snack. Could I have another slice please?
To indulge tandcake pop into the ebay world and punch in; the tuck shop to explore all the pic&mix surprises. If that doesn't cure the sugar cravings stop by at; www.tandcake.com

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