20 October 2008

Healthy future obsession for all to consume

'Rocket Blossom' Inspiration Mood Board: Prettyneons

It seems to me the world is struggling for a breath of fresh air and us busy 24-7 non stop human beings are at the very same time clocking up miles and running thousands of circles around the gasping for air mother earth. We have lack of time to donate our planet, our home a declaration of sympathy. Yet alone pause to collect our hectic thoughts about the effect of how our mundane purchases of various products leave an bruised imprint on this planet. Whether this be a piece of new furniture or those shoes you've been dyeing for ages to get your paws on, and aggressively rip out the contents of bundled soft scrunched up paper! That is stuffed and suffocated within.

Guess what though? There are more and more intelligent designers rackling out their brains, in a pursuit to make it easier and less effortless for all of us who like to merciless consume and have good intentions deep down, to help the ever transforming and developing fast earth; while also trying to keep up with those changes. You don't have to commute anywhere to obtain such knowledge of both design and planet earth, just jump into Design Futurist at www.designfuturist.com.

Design Futurist
is a design consultancy fired up by multi talented designer and tri-athlete (I feel exhausted just thinking about such a complex combination!). Natalia Allen and her dedicated team have used only pure innovative and global conscious products and brands to construct and form Design Futurist. The volume of original design material and features that sit within the colourful hub of Design Futurist, is remarkably diverse and far too fascinating to develop a short attention spam (trust me). Because there's much to absorb and escape in making it virtually impossible to pull yourself away.

I'd like to say a thank you to Natalia Allen for her kind encouragement. www.designfuturist.com


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