06 December 2008

Guy In The Leather Jacket. What Is The Day Today?

Photos From; CheapMonday '09 Collection.

As you've probably worked out already , I'm feeling a bit confused and baffled by what the day actually is? Does anyone else ever get that from time to time? I never forget the month or year (though it comes close to it sometimes!). Honestly I really lost complete track of the day like twice this week. On Wednesday I thought it was Thursday and today I swore it was a Friday! To my delight I realized it was in fact a Saturday, I suppose it doesn't help my memory when half the time I'm always on the go and often on a train or cab! Which reminds me I've got a huge volume of little random journey scrap book entry's to share with you real sooney...oh how I've run into a lot of fantastic and quirky characters lately, just here and there you know? I bumped into this person when I left my book on the train ( trying to rush around and jump onto another connecting train. About 12 platforms away, from where I was standing; I missed it). Any how all of a sudden this person runs up to me... (and I was thinking oh god, back off this bag of mine shall not be thieved. I will use my newly sharp sketching pencils as a weapon of self defense if I have to!)...this stranger turned out not to be the Xmas pinching type but rather a genuine sort who wanted to return my book back to me, I was so horrified that messy scribble of a book is pretty much my diary. I know I shouldn't carry it around with me everywhere if I'm concerned by its private contents, this isn't because its shocking. Only if some outsider was to see some of my notes, ramblings and drawings of all sorts they'd most probably be inclined to alert others and I'd be locked up in some sort of 'crazy unit'. To my surprise this kind stranger wasn't at all alarmed and instead began discussing the 'diary' with me (strange and funny situation, and was the very reason behind me missing that connecting train) "Hello excuse me, girl wearing the red hat"...I'm so glad I decided to wear my mad bright, red knitted hat ( must of been my gut instinct earlier in the day to chose the red hat that looks similar to some kind of contraception; When its bloody freezing cold and 5am in the morning, style awareness is indeed absent and very unimportant to me). *Bizare conversation with stranger continues*..."Um I think this belongs to you, does it not?"many pages of the book being exposed to what felt like the whole entire world, as they swayed and crunched up in the freezing cold cold wind. Pages that included my attempt at 'poems' (I much prefer the term 'ramblings') and drawings *embarrassing must cover my facial expression with my long moth ball curly locks, delighted by the fact I have such long hair.)..."Huh what? You shouting at me?!". "Yes sorry but I think you might what this, by the way its really impressive stuff, brilliant drawings. This lyric caught my eye as I picked it up its stunning. You an artist then?" ( I'm amused by the last question, and also assumed this was a case of 'classic sarcastic' whit. I usually have not so bad come back replies to such a smart arses. Only I was failing by this point, due to trying to work out where this guy was coming from? Is he being serious or is he having me on here?)..." Yeah its mine, and thanks for the constructive yet non sincere criticism. By the way I really couldn't care less what your opinions are, haven't you got a commute to be getting on with. Thanks" (like I said, I was uncertain of this strangers question)..."Well first of all I wasn't attacking or taking the piss out of you. Simply trying to return this book back to who I thought it belonged to? And is it so crazy to think your an artist, only that's what it looks like well to me anyway"... (If I was embarrassed before I'm now praying to who ever and begging them to open up the surface below my feet and swallow me up whole). My awkward reply something along the lines of this, "Oh god so so sorry, and thanks for my book I'm not crazy and have no screws lose as far as I know? Though to be fair your probably and more than welcome to think I do have mental issues...just what did you read in my book?" Understanding if not slightly pissed off response from where he stood, "That's alright at least I know for next time not to bother, joking I'm joking its no problem. I couldn't just leave it there so much hard work has gone into what ever this is, I won't go into what I read its deep stuff though and the use of words is amazing. So are you a singer, in a bad what? Those illustrations are really cool too!" (Ok is this guy talking to the same confused person, desperate to catch her train)..."Me in a band no, god no that's a funny thought though, um yeah the drawings they're just I don't really know. They're just the result of a bored, head forever occupied person, who is too easily distracted by crap half the time". "Oh right really I'd say they're the result of a person who has undiscovered writing talent and is good with pencils, and observing the mundane. The mundane that means nothing and little to most others. Have you got another train to catch do you want a cup of tea or coffee? I know I need one ain't slept since yesterday" Great a fellow night owl, "I can't really stop for too long, I'm up for popping over to the snack machine and siting on the step while I await the next train. If it ever decides to pass by that is, got another 30minutes to wait now!" Turning numb despite wearing gloves and a condom looking hat, checking through and double checking all the pages have remained the same from when I last had access to my scrap book, "Here you go I got you a Kit-Kat, take a break haha! That was lame wasn't it? I know I sounded like a dick head just then." So sat on a step discussing people watching and the shocking announcement I don't smoke (I always get this impression that as a 'creative' creature I should be using a form of toxic addictions to pull me through creative complications and 'blocks')..."You don't smoke, wow alright more fags for me to abuse" My respect for the law is eagerly expressed, "Hey surely you know its the law now to light up on train platforms and other various public areas? Go on stump it out!" Suppose the leather jacket should of gave me a clue about this person not one to conform I doubt "Jesus what the hell do they want to deprive us of next, the freedom to flick our middle finger or eat a calorie filled snack of the heart attack kind? I've been dieing for this baby all day, as far as I'm concerned they can throw me off that bridge...bloody England whats happened to this place hey? Fancy some of this Kit-Kat? Are you on myspace so I can stay in touch with you? Please?"...Contradiction no respect for authority yet full of social manners. No I'm not on myspace this isn't to be different or even awkward its just it passed me for too long and now I feel as if I shouldn't really have that social network 'privilege' you understand? I've got a blog thing on the go 'prettyneons' which is a more organized collection of my ponders, far more organized then my scrap book! And I appear illustrated complete with short hair and pink streaks, and I don't have a clue why I gave my illustrated self such features? Just did that's all..." He is aware of the blogspot yet not impressed by me being or not being part of myspace, "You aren't on myspace? You have to be. You should be. Ah yes I know blogs, interesting or not I find them to be like marmite personally... Some are really good others should not be allowed is that harsh of me? Its the truth though isn't it? I've got a friend well he was in our band, he has a blog updates it every single day do you do that then are you that obsessed too?" Smoke being puffed into my face with the last sentence, "Obsessed? Yes with fashion/ design. No I don't see the point of posting every day, I just can't post for the sake of it. It all varies on how inspired I am or what I've seen fashion wise that has fired me and motivated enough for me to blabber on about. Right now your ever so slightly scratched sunglasses are giving me a 'blog light bulb' moment, where are they from? No I'm not shallow we all think about what we wear even if we know this or not. But we do" Lighter makes another appearance and the kit-kat has had one lazy bite took out of it, "Prettyneons? Catchy you don't smoke do you sorry forgot...Prettyneons I really do think that's damn catchy stays in the head that title.; Your spot on it is pointless to blog on a daily basis your heart should be in it, with any writing whether its for a books, magazine, song whichever its all relevant. I hate fashion and style all that shit though I'm a fan of Brando's wardrobe, legend and Cash. Johnny Cash, don't know where I picked these up from the sun was in my eyes and I picked these up. Got these worn out jeans for free though some fashion industry types with nothing better to do than give away clothes with over priced ironically named 'cheap monday' tags. Don't mind these jeans wouldn't ever go out my way to purchase designer, give me a good quality harmonica and a new ash tray they've got more purpose!" Taking back by this guys fashion knowledge, knowledge that it seemed I might lack, " You wouldn't never of guessed who your style idols are, your ripping both of them off. And very well for that matter! Interesting seeing as you have no interest in fashion industry 'rubbish'. Must say I've not heard of them, the ones who gave you some free jeans. Cheap monday? Possible blog bulb moment. Perhaps? Will look them up. Cheers for that tip!" Pulling a 'is she sure or what?' face..."Go for it love. And I've seen what you've done there, questioning my fashion ignorance...or is he, am I fashion ignorant? Cash cannot be dismissed or Brando they kicked it all off didn't they? This is not however the cue for me to waste my money on designer shit, that will never happen. You got more chance of me putting this fag out or giving them up for the rest of my life. I've been lighting these for a good 28years ok maybe not since I was a year old but you know? Lets visit your blog bulb idea...take a photo of me and write about it most would jump at that opportunity joking I'm joking, groupies most likely would though...not that I do groupies and I really cross my heart don't I use to but your left feeling empty at the end of the day, its all shit. Anyway your um blog bulb, glad I could contribute towards your fashion/style awareness in some shape or other, promise you I will be checking up on your Prettyneon's 'blabbering's' and would you get it together and set up a myspace? Please? Tell me then do I have 'style'? Whats your fashion opinion on my old Stone Temple Pilots t-shirt from way way back". This transparent t-shirt was 'distressed' and layered over another black t-shirt which peered through the outer layer t-shirt in question, "Band tee can't go wrong with that one! STP as well can't fault it really. 5/10 for style you know that's all I live for to judge books by the cover. Can I make it clear there are various fashion sorts if you will; Don't paint us all with the same brush were not all style stuck up bitches. Are you band types all scruffy, misunderstood, complicated and rebellious drug lovers? Second thoughts don't answer that one!" Demand of mine ignored, "Hahaha, you've got a talent for comedy too well I say! Yes is the correct answer to those questions of yours, YES. That isn't a made up stereotype. Can't I have one more point added to that style score, after all I did fill you in on a unknown 'darling fashion label' did I not?" ..."Nope you can't have 6/10 that's greedy and only celebrity style can be such a high mathematical amount. I don't actually follow celeb fashion topics, my celeb knowledge is awful poor 'darling'. And its an aspect I'm working on, seriously so I have more in common with some of my friends...Looks like my train is here wait you can have 5 and a half, it is STP printed on there and I'm liking the use of layers mixed with some over large sun shades. Shades are a bit deluded though, its England. Its dark all the time and forever pouring down with rain. Shades aren't required for such weather, this isn't California or any where else tropical!" A fast reply shot my way, "How do you know the sun might decide to pay a visit? 'Prettyneons' your be caught out and will look like an idiot with that umbrella of yours haha, leave one of your books laying around again in the future won't you? Prettyneons, I will be for sure reading your blabbering's. Thanks for the score alteration means a lot to me"...No thank you leather jacket guy I really am besotted with 'Cheap Monday' you learn something new every day, apart from sometimes the actual day!

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Mel Carrey said...

you're a great writer. And I adore your painting xo

Bella said...

I always enjoy reading your posts... and the imaes never fail to impress.


DaisyChain said...

Lol my Mum and I spent about half an hour trying to work out what day it was today.
This post makes me want a kitkat
and a cigarette.
Preferably both, at the same time.

jacquieshambles said...

Wow I enjoyed reading that.

xox jacquieshambles