15 December 2008

No I Will Not Grow Up And I'm Loving It!

Photograph by; Prettyneons.
Photo From; Harajukulovers.com (as you've probably figured).
Photo from; JohnnyLovesRosie
Photos From; Happielovesit

I'm going to blame my love on all things child like, very pink and super cute on the anticipation of Christmas being just around the snow covered corner (so not snow but ice at least with a haze of thick frosty fog, which is close enough). I got my crimbo tree yesterday and its blazing with lights and shining bright with other glittering father Christmas and reindeer decorations, oh and of course...twirly, curly, whirly strands of ribbon! Love it. The festive feeling has officially arrived in the pit of my stomach (I'm not talking about a dose of premature festive food poisoning). Its just that feeling thats similar to when your really little and desperate to go bed closing your eyes shut ever so tightly in the hope father Christmas might just visit you first and there for the big day will arrive quicker...So like I said just a moment ago I'm besotted with girly, colourful childish, fashion items that normally I would NOT even look at yet alone seriously consider and sure I'm aware how stupid I will look when the 2008 Christmas photo album appears on the table. With conversations highlighting and questioning just 'why on earth and what on earth possessed you (me) to wear that number? Your not 10 years old you know?'. Easy answer; the atmosphere of festive cheer! Honestly I really couldn't care less about your opinions on my johnnylovesrosey hair clip or Gwen's delicious cute's Harajuku tops. I'm convinced some of my (soon to be mocking me) close pals (even the most hard core 'rocker' all in black head to toe friends sort are lusting after some simple innocent and naive pink prettiness. Come on admit it already its plain obvious, haha!). I fear my friends may very much not include me when attending the next gig.Oh well...Gives me more reason to pin on an assortment of hello kitty badges and dress up in cheerful happielovesit bow dress and dance around to 'that' Wham Christmas tune. How could I go and forget the other fantastic festive tune by... Mariah Carey, theres no room for black leather jackets, studs and moody frowns around here. Get over it, its almost Christmas! Now where did I put those other sets of fairy lights?

Visit; www.harajukulovers.com


DaisyChain said...

I love all things child like! Haha. Your in good company!

Bella said...

Awww this is adorable... and the dress and coat are fantastic.


LJ said...

happy holidays!
and I like the trench with the red buttons..
xx-LJ from SOS!