10 December 2008

Is This The Cure To A Felder Felder Frenzy?

Photos; Music my ears are in love with, right now.
Photo by; Prettyneons.
Photo by; Prettyneons.
Photos from; Felder Felder S/S '09.
Photos from; Felder Felder A/W '08/'09

Do you know what? Right now I'm actually just in the one place...yep thats right no train jumping and running around like a crazy person feeling confused about where it is I'm needing to be, however this isn't to say I'm not still having a insane fit. I am. Though not over the complete pointless like running late or spilling coffee from a paper cup all over myself (as I often do, its very much become a habit.Grab drink. Trip over... dress complete with a nice coffee scented stain).You see I'm having a crazy fit of a different kind, a more berry, grey chiffon and punky pizzazz moment...otherwise more well explained as a Felder Felder all in a hot fuss fit! Oh deary me huh? So its not that much of a bigger deal? Oh but it is, it is a very big deal when your lusting over something your never have knowing I will not ever own such Felder frocks is making my condition that so much worse. As I simply cannot for the life of me stop going over to their webby and creating, 'what I'd snap up from Felder Felder if only I could' 'sets' (damn Polyvore I've been stuck on you for way too long now. Now please someone delete the site from my Google drop down list, this must be done and sorted at once...its such a great time waster though!) I very much doubt anyone out there (even the most die hard fashion lovers) cares and is really dieing to know just exactly which Felder Felder item I adore. Only this is self indulgent, non important and selfish post today, dedicated to just that; Prettyneons Felder Felder wantings ( and please don't think for one second you have to continue reading such an, me me me topic. You don't. Feel free to read more in depth concerning issues... but do you really need to read another the 'world is doomed and in dark debt' article?). Well I really should kick this whole Felder frenzy off with their chunky metal ring leather jacket which ultimately packs a Punk chic punch.Embellished to a whole new level with glorious bronze, gold and silver colored studs and large curtain style rings (this purchase would serve to be practical. Thinking about it, there may just be some crazy Christmas party's occurring. It only takes one drunk and hyper individual who has downed way too much alcohol, "hey hey what are you doing climbing the curtains? Get down!' and before you know it those curtains need to be popped back up. Well this is where the hoops from this leather beauty comes in handy)...Alright so I've noted the leather jacket, what next? I know the leather (Felder Felder defo enjoy using lashings of leather) fringe and same material panel double layered chiffon dress teamed with some Felder grey silk leggings. Perfect. Hang on this selfish extension isn't over yet...I'm taking that damn silk and (yep) leather cropped dress with defining body hug cut and strong shoulder features pleaseeeeee? Your find such a dress amongst their autumn winter 08 collection, while your seeking out that number could you please just see if you can spot also the pretty, frilly, girly whirly goth-esque berry bundle ruffled just above the knee skirt? Cheers! Stupid me. I almost completely forgot to include that nappa harness simple white dress from Felder's spring summer 2009 collection, I'm still thinking hard about whether I really want to try on the multi toned shades of blue dress? Pass me the nappa frock though, I need no more ponder over that Felder garment I'm going to throw on the leather jacket with that one! To keep myself all nice and warm...

Talking of warmth, I took some dead quick camera snaps of this other worldly deep orange with bleeding black sunset yesterday (or it could have been the day before?). The sunset was glaring in through the window, I noticed it while singing and dancing around to some MGMT and The Cure ( I placed their greatest hits into the player... As I was indecisive of which Cure cd to select, it was easier to opt for the hits combo). When I saw this sunset it stopped me in a heart beat, pity the spectacle vanished so fast like a doomed sinking ship. A shame because it managed to take my mind off of Felder Felder, hehe!



♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you :)

YES, National Lampoon's christmas vacation is one of my favorite Holiday films!! xx

DaisyChain said...

I am lacking words
having coughed my brains out today,
but wanted to say hello!

Terencesambowrites said...

alright out with it girl..how did u get them slideshow set up :o)

Wana said...

hey hey hey.. be easy!! breathe...

Winnie said...

I love it when I see something beautiful and happen to have a camera on me. I have lots of photos of random moments like that!

Also, loveee all the ruffles and details on those dresses. Gorgeous.

Antonia said...

love mgmt & the cure!
great post