15 March 2010

Lots Of Loveliness

To celebrate the improvement of my health (I'm feeling brand new: my batteries have been recharged,by the way, big thank you's for all your super kind words)and to also celebrate the impossible being well, possible:I've completed all my packing (for the move),and I never want to see another box EVER again...with the exception of shoe boxes, obviously.
I thrashed the charity/thrift shops,I -be-a-pirate hunting for that
elusive X-marks the spot treasure chest.Minus a hook for a hand and rainbow parrot, however I was sporting a head scarf and stripe pants, giving the pirate,(my favourite pirate actually)from Peter Pan a run for his money. So I like to believe anyway? Then again I can be very deluded.
Before I hit any charity/thrift or vintage shop I always go prepared with a style inspiration or idea in mind, otherwise I end up bulk buying yet more ornaments and bags which I already have too much of,'tis greed.
These ideas can stem from anything from a dream I've had,a song,a band member (normally Juliette L,Gwen S or my current style crush Alison M),a film...erm yes so you get it already.
Today thrift style inspiration was 'borrowed', alright pinched from Mario Testino's (I never have the courage to rip out his work from magazines, it's precious)shoot for the March issue of Vogue,which is candyfloss delicious.An array of delicate lace,pretty pleats,big bows,playful ribbons,flirty transparent chiffon's, cute curls and dainty doll like details.So badly I wish I could touch all the mouth watering tasty textures in this Testino editorial, how brilliant would that be?

all images from:March issue of UK Vogue

So with pictures from Vogues Mario Testino's "Girls Allowed" shoot folded (this felt wrong, I'm a vandal!) very carefully in my bag,this pirate began raiding the rails, diving down bargain boxes and snooping the skips. I kid you not.A explanation I feel is much required right now, right?
I was struck with incredible luck, whilst becoming frustrated with the lack of goodies in Oxfam (I blame the sudden wave of Chung wannabes,who are nabbing all my vintage leather bags and dresses...back off Chung children, back off.Damn the word vintage growing ever so trendy these days).I dropped into The Salvation Army (which later on did literally become my vintage salvation,the irony)just to have a looksee at the mish mash of ornaments (they always have the best Russian dolls, and old typewriters),and to express how very peed-off this thrift pirate is feeling, to my friend who's assistant manager there.

After much censored Chung insults (my rants didn't impress my friend much, she has a odd crush on Alexa Chung,"shes talented, she's a big deal plus her bf is from the Artic Monkeys." All my knowledge on Alexa Chung is that once she was an average tv presenter on T4.Somehow my friend brings Alexa Chung into at least one conversation a day)my friend gave me a tip off on a skip around the back of the shop.Which had a black bin bag of slightly damaged garments within it (I suspect she was encouraging me to leave the shop,and stop with the childish strops),I was head first down that skip in a split second.
'Skip skip style' as I like to call this gritty way of shopping, is something I'm considering to make more of a habit of.Honestly most of the thrift rejects, were not dismissed for no reason-I came face to face with some frightening frocks.After many nasty encounters (armpit stained bra anyone?) I pulled out a gorgeous dress (Toppers too!)which had a few broken buttons and one small ripped seam.I paid zero for it, as the dress was in the rag bag.The definition of awesome?Possibly.
I went from one depressed pirate to one very smug pirate indeed, after some TLC (whizzing the second hand Topshop dress through my magical much loved sewing machine)
the once sad and rejected dress is looking good as new. The little details are beautiful,I did attempt to capture the design details such as the stitching, silky ribbons and miniature ruffles, to no avail because my camera is no Canon-powerful it ain't.I tried, check out these snapshots...

photos by:prettyneons and her rubbish camera.

Anyone else out there ever gone through a skip before and found a fashion gem?If not may I recommend you test it out? Skip shopping is a blast!


Vintage Vixen said...

What a wonderful find! I'm often skip-diving and amongst other treasures I've unearthed a vintage red rotary dial telephone, an Art Deco teapot, a Parisienne horse hair mannequin and a Louis-style armchair.
Argh! Alexia Chung, another tedious non-celebrity. What is that genius Arctic Monkey-boy, Alex Turner thinking of?

prettyneons said...

"Argh! Alexia Chung, another tedious non-celebrity."
teehehehe oh VV you do make me chuckle!=)
Like the Geldof bunch I'm baffled by Chung? I don't really know much about her, she was just a boring T4presenter right?
Perhaps I'm wrong, whatever I remain baffled by them all, hehe.

...you found an Art Deco teapot -that is cool! !I'd lurrrve a Louis-style armchair that is one thing I'd have in my dream pad.
prettyneons X

Glowing Doll said...

They should make a horror film called 'Children of the Chung' I get chills just typing it.

Dress looks great by the way!

Glowing Doll said...

Your right she was just a boring T4 presenter. I'm not sure if it was before or after T4 that she was some sort of model.

I'm sure one day she'll have a crisis like the Geldof girls will and take up painting or designing clothes for children or adopting Malawian children.

I'm sure she's harmless enough although I do find her worryingly thin.

prettyneons said...

Oh yeah she probably is a cool person, shes come along way since
T4 somehow? Oh well suppose you have to hand it to the girl huh?

daisychain said...

Oh my god, that dress = perfection.

I dont get Alexa chung either.

You should recieve something in le post tomorrow :) x

prettyneons said...

Hello's hun Oh bless you! I love getting nice post. Did you get the card? Sorry it was sort of random haha :)
peace & hugs
you-know-who xXx

Em x said...

That dress is just beautiful, i can't believe you got it for 0! When will you be moving? xx

Viva La Fashion said...

those pics are stunning. love the pastel. :)

Helga said...

If only we had skip culture!!The last one I saw had crappy old couches in it,and had been set on fire!!!
I reckon Alexa Chung looks gormless,and I really cannot see what the fuss is about.Likewise for Erin Wasson-no offence anybody,I just don't get these 2 ladies!!!

Annie Spandex said...

omg so pretty!

Rachel said...

Love the dress!