07 March 2010

If your a bird, I'm a bird

So far my day has mainly consisted (correction: only consisted)of moi slobbed out on the sofa, snorting (...bad choice of word-inhaling)decongestant Olbas oil( well that's how it started: I'm now on a heavy cocktail of numerous 'effective'inhalant decongestants, why not mix it up? I say)consuming large cups of peach Icetea, and watching 'The Notebook'. A sickly,disgusting romantic film:there is more substance to the film then what I've described, but I don't want to be one of those irritating spoiler types. Just in case you haven't already seen it?
For me it's round about the tenth time I've watched it, I promised myself that this time I wouldn't keep on hitting the pause button in the attempt to swoon and drool over Allie's adorable array of vintage frocks.Who am I kidding?I failed big time...

all images:pinched from various movie websites.

...as I sit on the sofa in my lazy over sized grey Ledzep T-shirt,drab and slowly sagging plain black opaque tights-complete with ladders (what!? I'm comfort dressing: come on I am killing over from a fierce flu... lets just call this look 'grunge' no?)and my paint stained denim 'art' shirt (I only wear it when painting, and no I'm not tempting that daft double denim trend).I can't help but envy Allie's adorable 1940's swimwear,quirky bird print jumpsuit,ditsy print tea dresses in various shades of maroon and bright lipstick red's. Not to mention the baby blue gingham,and playful polkadot frilly frocks,lace details,embellished bows,silver brooches,cute cropped cardies, pleated corsages and huge decorative hair pieces.Sigh.

So I've made a fashion pledge to myself (when my energy returns and this blocked up nose has cleared...I swear my head is like eighty percent snot right now.Too much information?Sorry.)to depart from my fashion comfort zone i.e bold print over sized tee's, checked shirts,skirts.For this tomboy in heels is going to embrace her inner Allie...assuming I have a inner Allie?
I'm going to draw inspiration from a number of aspects in this film 'The Notebook' play with romanticism,flirt with the fourties,dable with gingham, oh and become a bird
(quote from film: don't panic I'm not insane.I have no intentions of sticking feathers to my face).
I've began compiling my Allie-esque list of vintage style frocks and accessories etc,I shall keep you updated as my fourites fashion adventure unfolds.

P.S...Anyone else a Allie fan? Who watches 'The Notebook' simply to record mental style notes?


Twila's Vintage said...

Crazy. Me and a few of my friends were reenacting the title of your blog. I love that part and love this movie. Her bathing suit and headpeice is adorable. Hope you feel better!


prettyneons said...

Oh bless, thank you my pink eye is clearing a 'ickle bit,
I love that bird quote too-hence why I had to use it ;)
peace & bows...
prettyneons X

daisychain said...

I am yet to see the notebook. shame on me.

prettyneons said...

you have got to see it hun, it's really fantastic...I don't really enjoy slushy flicks but this one has style ;)
peace & hugs
moi xXx

Em x said...

I've not seen the film but ohmygod, i love the outfits you posted from it xx

prettyneons said...

hehe, you should see the outfits in the film...warning* you will end up pressing pause
prettyneons X

nicola ticola ponders said...

I love her! And love The Notebook. Best film ever!

nicola xx