23 March 2010

What to do with this wig?

Right so I've gone and broke my promise, do you remember my- no more posts about Freja Beha or The Breakfast Club promise, yup if you've been tuned into prettyneons from the start your know exactly what I'm talking about,yes?
I'm not mentioning The Breakfast Club movie,BUT I am about to swoon over Freja B which I'm sure some of you will appreciate and enjoy?
Yes, yes once again I turn my attention towards Freja B's hair,so far I've copied every hairstyle this girl has had,including the real short boyish crop she once sported not too long ago.And I managed to convince myself the boy crop would make me look fierce and fab too.Wrong.
This time round I'm taking this picture of Freja to the hair salon

image from:Vogue

image from:Bing

And whatever the results, it will sure be a big improvement as lately I'm totally guilty of neglecting my 'wig' (hair), my hair is once again slowly morphing into a birds nest, a rather big birds nest actually.Time for the chop.Fact. Besides it is only hair,and well if it all goes tits up (wrong-what is with the slang language today?),there are many hats I own to hide the hair sins.
I was also going to dye my hair with a bright bottle of red, my pal has talked me out of this one,"Oh no please don't don't do it. You have such beautiful coloured hair brunette with blond tips. Some girls pay to get highlights like that."
Don't tell her,(though shes probably reading this anyways)but she has not convinced me one little bit, so I bought a bottle of 'dark chocolate brown' instead inspired by Silver from THAT American program which I won't mention again, just quickly then...90210.
Forgive my ignorance but I don't know the real name of this actress.Anyone care to inform me?All I know is I want her hair colour perhaps even hair cut too?Mmm Freja or Silver, Freja or Silver?AAhh heck I don't bloody know!?! Bit of both maybe? A 'Frever'hairstyle best of both worlds?Much like that Hovis bread.
Oh these meds are playing havoc with my head, look at me rambling on and on and on and...I'm no doubt boring you now? Go on it's OK, skip this post click on another blog it's fine, no feelings hurt,no really my body is pretty much numb right now anyways.
...What is Silvers real name?

PS...Huge thank you's for your super sweet comments,I'm not on the mend yet but I'm heading in the right direction.Thanks again girls X


Helga said...

Can't help with who Silver is,but go for it with the hair and have fun!!!Take extra meds,then it'll be even more fun!!!:)

prettyneons said...

hahaha good tip helga ;)
I'll give that a-go!haha


daisychain said...

Freja <3

prettyneons said...

I know right shes so damn pretty X

redheadfashionista said...

NEVER stop posting about Freja or the Breakfast Club! I had a soundtrack-fest on the train the other day, love love LOVE Karla Devito.
And love Freja; that Vogue shoot is so hot.
PS Check my blog for a little BC fix; I posted a slightly dodgy but still awesome Youtube rip of the dancing scene! Love it.
Will miss your posts when you move, hope it all goes smoothly.