12 March 2010

Friday Fashion

I've spent most of today shrugging my shoulders, it's been so counter-productive,
because I've had to hang around waiting for estate agents to visit this shoebox size flat. I swear it's been worse than waiting for any plumber (...and you know how they are more then prone to take their time). So moi here has been stranded locked up in the house, and sods law: outside has been revealing signs of spring, the sun was out and I couldn't go and soak up those mild rays.Sob.
Due to not being allowed out the front door, I decided to play around with various pieces in my wardrobe,pinching style ideas from these pics that I found in one of my old scrapbooks. The sequins,over dramatic head decorations and exaggerated silhouette's are what really attracted my full attention

images from:I don't where?some sort of magazine

...In my vain attempt to copy the styling,I piled on the sequins and teamed some neon green socks with a pair of light gold and silver cut out ankle boots, completed with two hairbands placed in (my split ends) hair. One hairband is a enormous gold bow, the other a Aztec printed pleated disc shape. Did I capture the styling as seen in the above images? Well in all honesty no, no I didn't.I lacked a few vital elements such as; good lighting,photshop( to brush out my pink eye and cold sores) make-up artist ooh and the designer garments...I tried.
My little 'dress up like the model' wardrobe game kept me amused for an alarming two hours or so,before I knew it late afternoon had arrived and still no visit from the estate agent.Annoying.
What should a very bored, restless girl do? I know I'll tape up the boxes that's always so much fun right? Wrong.
Twenty minutes had dragged on, and the sellotape was seriously getting on my last nerve...after getting a bit of it stuck in my hair!
I abandoned the above box mission, and decided to sit down at the table (or large box:the table has been stored away)and kill time by scribbling. One little problem.My art equipment has been boxed up and stored away too, along with the table.Joy.

illustration by:prettyneons

After rummaging around I found a tin of watercolours under the kitchen sink, and a piece of A3 paper underneath my bed (I also discovered one of my old Futureheads album. I knew it was laying around somewhere?). So I sat on the floor with my box-turned-table,blasted out Futureheads 'Decent Days and Nights' and began drawing.Thirty minutes into drawing and guess who rings my doorbell? The bloody estate agent, immaculate timing. I greeted them with a bemused face, they just looked at me really funny for some unknown reason?Unknown until I was later informed that I forgot to take the giant gold pleated fan out of my hair, which I inserted earlier on messing about playing,'dress up like the model' game.
Only something so daft and ridiculous could happen to me,I suppose it was quite comical? Reflecting back on it. Anywhos I did eventually complete my drawing,inspired by my studded leather jackets which lay on the bedroom floor,waiting for me to pack them away...which my weekend will mostly consist of:boxes and packing.
Hope you lot have a more impressive weekend then I do?


redheadfashionista said...

Love those photos at the start. It's been a good week for photos, shoot with my fave model Freja Beha in this month's Vogue UK. Hurrah!
And hurrah for Molly, she is amazing. And she has a sushi packed lunch! Was walking across the playing field of the school I work at and 'Don't You (Forget About Me)' came on my Ipod. Obvioulsy I did an air-punch a la John Bender!

prettyneons said...

hahaha I know, I know I do that too whenever that tune plays on my Ipod!
Big punch in the air from me--how hawwwwwt is Bender?! Very very nice eye candy indeed...though have you seen the actor now...?

Kat said...

the outfits in that editorial are great!