04 March 2010

Lunchtime shopping

Today I don't feel too cleaver, matter of fact I kind of feel like shit, it's the making of yet another brand new cold but thanks to my weak immune system it will no doubt develop into a killer cold...who knows I may be proved wrong? I sure hope so.
Every minor little mundane task today, like shopping was a 100 percent more challenging and energy consuming compared to normal, heck I couldn't even be asked to browse the biscuit aisle(...this is very much unlike me)nor flick through those weekly fashion magazines, which all have identical contents and front covers (Jennifer Aiston let somebody else be splashed across the front, go on move, budge over, jeez what's with that woman?)pages of 'celebrity style' rubbish and 'hit or miss' despite my hatred for these trash mags I still feel compelled to take a glance. Fickle? Very.

OK I promise not to go on too much about my day trip to the supermarket,only today it seemed everyone was out to destroy me with their 4x4 size trolleys, I was a victim of hit and run at least ten times in the thirty minutes I was blessed(?) to be there...all I wanted was a yogurt and a frigging packet of garlic crackers now move out of my way Sainsburys slut,(erm I didn't actually express the latter)I believe I may of been experiencing a common (I hope it's common anyway? Otherwise I need my head checked)case of supermarket rage?
Due to this fresh cold, my eyes were sore and irritated from the neon yellow lights flooding the store, combined with constant "clean up on aisle two, please Stacey. That's a clean up on..."alright already Stacey gets it!Combined with idiotic, idiots ramming trolleys up my arse. I'm not going to lie, I wanted to sneeze all over them, Ha take that, my organic germ straight to the check out.

Eventually I departed from the supermarket feeling rather abused and wounded(the garlic crackers were well worth the violent aisle battle).I stumbled (my head was blurry from all the chaos)across the road to the chemist to grab some Lemsips and throat sweets, next door is a charity/thrift shop ...you know how the story unfolds from here on, don't you?
Just a 'ickle pick-me-up, I only had £5 in my purse so I figured, 'to hell with it live life on the edge, if you smoked you'd spend that on cigarette's' who am I to disagree with myself?
I snagged some epic items, including this Next pixle floral top which I wanted ages ago only I couldn't afford it at the time, I sniffed all the items whilst rummaging through the rails...it's never really occurred to me (until now)how insane I must appear? When checking for any nasty second hand odours. The two most vile smells being wet dog and smoke-disgusting, disgusting.
Luckily all my thrift buys are fragrant and wet dog/fag free.
By the by sorry's for the rather shabby photo presentation: I couldn't tolerate the likes of photoshop today, making the photos look all bright and pretty...I'm still recovering from my supermarket rage.So yeah, check out my bedroom carpet background, I did make the effort to shove any crap to one side.


♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

idiots ramming trolleys up my arse- ha ha this made me giggle & i sure as hell a giggle tonight!

Did you all this for £5? i love the wee vest crop top :)baragin

Hope your feeling better soon ive had the cold 4 times since sept it's RUBBISH!!!!! arararghhhh

Garlic crackers?? hmmm i must try

Hope you manage you have a great weekend

Peace & love

daisychain said...

epic bargains!

sorry you've been feeling pants :( I've been like that lately. My immune system seems to have gone on holiday somewhere.

Vintage Vixen said...

Sounds like we've both been busy with the old chazza shops today. You done good, girly.
You made me titter with your supermarket rant, you could be my twin in aisle rage. And as for Jennifer Bleeding Anniston, don't get me started......
Get well soon,

prettyneons said...

Oh thanks all, your comments have made me smile- a lot XX

Audrey Allure said...

Really cute items!

Just stumbled by & I love your blog! :)
- Audrey Allure <3