06 March 2010

Sore eyes & scribbles

Bloodshot pink eye has returned once again (oh the joy's of eye infection),I just want to claw my eyeballs out they are so itchy, my vision is suffering too, obviously so please ignore all spelling errors.
Staring at my computer screen right now is not too dissimilar to staring at the sun, you know them strange black and silver swirls that begin swimming past your eyes?
I tried to talk myself out of blogging today, yet despite all my efforts there's no convincing the blogging addict deep within me...I told her,'that sitting in front of the computer is not the best solution for sore, burning bloodshot eye's' but hey the blogirl is stubborn and refuses to listen, what more can I do? All she's concerned about is feeding herself with fashion, so I'm just letting her get on with it!

Last night my dear friend who hates slumber land aka insomnia paid a visit,I was feeling way too weak to fight it off, and bored of counting those pesky fluffy sheep I made the decision to roll with it.
I switched on the radio listening to the shipping forecast (no I don't own a boat yet alone a grand ship)it became sort of annoying after ooh ten minutes, so I put MGMT in the CD draw *heaven*,( anyone know when their new album drops?).
Swaying to 'Kids'...why it makes me sway I have no idea? I pulled the pencils and paints out of my artbox, and began drawing, here she is...

illustration by:prettyneons

...I know, I know inserting a scribble is blatant cheating a cheap post filler, shame on me however it doesn't happen very often so let this be an exception?
I shall return tomorrow with a more meaty post...the irony I'm vegetarian.
Erase 'meaty' for there shall be no actual displays of meat:that would just be very oddball.
Yadda, yadda you know what I mean?A better post is promised for tomorrow. I'm off to bed with a bowl of 'country veg instant soup' and a box of 'recycled cheap value tissues'.


Carrie said...

ah your too modest, its a lovely scribble,i love seeing a work unfinished or in progres its about the journey :) lovely pic really like your style! :) x

Audrey Allure said...

I hope your eye gets better! Beautiful illustration :)

Vintage Vixen said...

MGMT - caught them last year, man do they rock?! Think the album's out this week.
Beautiful illustration - you are so talented. Hope that eye clears up soon.
Take care, darling

prettyneons said...

oh my days the new MGMT album drops this week, OK that bit of info has made my day!
Thanks VV ;)
Prettyneons X

daisychain said...

<3 poor eyes and boo to insomnia, I am suffering that one too. We are malady twins x

prettyneons said...

Oh no poor us---we can make it through this utter flu hell we can damn it,
peace & hugs
moi xXx