19 March 2010

Girl Crush

No,no,no I've not decided to swap guys (not that I have a guy to swap-snap out of it!) for girls nor am I experiencing sexual confusing of any sort, but I do admittedly have a giant girl 'crush' on those care free, sassy and ultra cool Orla Kiely girls...how can I not? With their retro shades, rose pink blush cheeks, perfect porcelain skin Oh not forgetting the actual Orla Kiely dresses which those Orla gals sit and look pretty in.I have this habit of clicking on over to Orla, just so I can repeatedly flick through the Lookbook pages sit, sigh and swoon over the well, looks I guess?
My habit is now crossing over to OCD territory. I kid you not.
For those girls are now,my desktop background I'm ever closer to being part of the Kiely crew,hmmm yes I can visualise it now. Me in a little sweet shift dress, clutching a vibrant fuchsia pink flower power bag,striking a pose in my over sized cream coloured plastic shades and sipping on icecream soda through a bright pink straw... occasionally blowing soda bubbles. Bliss.
Damn I want to be a Orla girl!

board by:prettyneons

With the power of my imagination,(the secret hideaway place in my head: where rainbow unicorns fly sequin kites)I can step into the patent peep-toe shoes of an Orla Kiely girl albeit a slight fake.
First thing first, snap up some of those swinging seventies-esque pieces from OK's SS10 collection (this Orla Kiely lifestyle is so very hard you know?).Now which items to choose? Umm this is a toughie (no rest for the wicked) deckchair stripe dress is first on my list, and with money not being an issue (...I am after all imagining, lets not forget there are no limits.Spend, spend, spend)for it is burning a hole in my super stylish Orla Kiely pocket,I'm going to be really greedy and treat myself to not one, but two of Kiely's bags.

Heck why not crazzzzy!?!I'll nab the charming candyfloss pink boat print dress aswell,thank you.Besides I could do with a reminder of the great British seaside, the smell of salt drenched fish&chips,the ear piercing sounds of killer seagulls (exaggeration, the Seagulls aren't exactly blood thirsty. But they aren't exactly too far from it either)and the cold ice feel of hale stones beating down (the memories of last years nightmare caravan holiday just came flooding back) on my umbrella-ella-ella (lame yet effective,no?).Talking/singing of umbrellas, I wonder if Orla Kiely does umbrella's? I've got to go and do some (cough) research...have a nice weekend yes? Me? Oh you know I shall still be sat here,fixated on THAT lookbook.

all images from:orlakiely.com
boards by:prettyneons


Vintage Vixen said...

Just when I think I don't need any more dresses in my wardrobe you show me that blasted green dress. Isn't it the best thing ever?
Have a fab weekend,

Marta Represa said...

Oh God I would give anything to be an Orla girl too... especially the ones wearing those amazing short suits!

Vint Junky said...

Aw i adore Orla Keily! Love her editorials and lookbooks the girls look like mannequins

Margaux. said...

I think I might love that dress with the boats on it.

pip a la chic said...

ARGHH those dresses ao cute cute!!!