24 March 2010

Mmm Butter

I being slowly (very slowly) on the mend blah,blah,blah I ventured out of the house,and embarked on a very exciting trip down to the drug store,it was so nice to suck in some fresh air...Though I'm feeling ever so slightly dazed,dazed and confused (the effect of this medicine cocktail which I'm on, just six days and I'm off them! *Whoop*),I still found the inner strength to browse 'The Barn',(a barn, funny enough turned random junk/antique shop,from retro fridges,creepy china dolls,Gothic lace garments and VHS tapes)and go into thrift mode.I lurrve the old barn,it's only ten minutes from the drug store so I didn't have to consume too much energy I just took it really slow.
After a snail like stroll I arrived at the barn (why do I find that so amusing?)and spent most of my time dusting down objects,as if it was my duty or something?
I passed all the creepy antique dolls,stopped at the retro telephones in a whole spectrum of colours,mustard yellow,lipstick red,candy floss pink and classic black.Gawwwd the temptation to buy one was intense:if I wasn't moving I would have snagged the candy pink dial telephone most definitely,only I've ran out of boxes and don't care to see another box for a long,long time.I'm sick of 'em things!

After an hour of eyeing up funky furniture and wishing I could obtain the whole lot,
I was literally a nano second from saying goodbye forever to my beloved junk shop,(or barn even)a tear rolled down my cheek,when thinking about how I will never see this place again,nor have the pleasure of stumbling upon vintage frocks,bags and err telephones.Sob.
When I caught a glimpse of this glorious flower patterned tin,on the floor peeping out behind a box of battered tea looking stained books.Curiosity got the better of me,I slid the box of books to one side and began investigating this elusive tin.
I gave the tin a little shake,and eagerly pulled off the stiff lid,it's contents inside, was truly incredible.A gob smacking,(I gasped-out loud with this discovery,pinching myself as I assumed I was just dreaming) treasure trove of gems and costume style jewellery,brooches,pearls,clip-on earrings and a beautiful,beautiful long necklace with delicate decorative detail.Destined to be worn with my vintage gingham baby blue dress,to a picnic...when the weather improves.
I asked about the tin and it's history the guy informed moi it was once a butter tin,who would have thought eh?So in love with the butter tin,I bought it,obviously.How could I not?It cost me £5,I began removing the treasure from the tin when the guy kindly turned around and told me,"take it,take the lot as it's your last time here."
Lost for words all I could do was shrug and make a strange swoon sound,before saying thank you.

all photos by:prettyneons

On another note, this shall be my last blog post for a while,as you may already know I'm moving the end of this week,and that means my computer must be packed up (nooooo,tis my life support machine this thing)and the internet obviously cut off,as from tomorrow I won't have any access to the world wide webby or sadly this blogalaxy,(*insert sad face).
However the powers that be over in broadband world promised me (...I made them cross their fingers too)that I will be back online within five days(yikes I will have the shakes by then,blogging withdraw symptoms).A short hiatus,in the mean time don't forget if you've missed a post (as I post frequently like a crazy person)you can always catch up (if you like?)simply scroll through the archive list to your right.Where your be directed to alot of musings,pondering's and general out loud thoughts.Oh I got this email from a reader who wanted to ask me a question and wanted to know if this would be OK? Yep sure is, go ahead fire away if any of you gals have a question do feel free to get in touch.And I could string together a little Q&A post when I return.
So I suppose it's time for me to say goodbye,and I look forward to catching up with all of you when I'm back blogging!

P.S...Emma hun thank you so much for the card,bless your socks your so sweet x

See you all later,
prettyneons X


Vintage Vixen said...

What a find! I'd love to get my grubby mits on those beauts!
Good luck with the move, I'm off on my travels next wednesday evening so if you're not on-line by then I'll catch up in a month or so.

Em x said...

Ohhh i'm so glad you got the card in time. That tin in lovely, and the bits inside just amazing you lucky thing. I hope the move goes well xx

Glowing Doll said...

I hate saying goodbye to special shops.

Good luck with the move.

prettyneons said...

Oh thanks girls x

...and VV have fun on your travels won't you, don't forget to post pics of your adventure ;)
prettyneons X

Helga said...

Well,that's one hell of a last hurrah!!!What a great score!
Hope the move goes ok,take care!!And don't give up the meds just yet!!Hahahaha!

Vint Junky said...

Aw boo, i hate it when you find a little treasure trove such as that and you just can't take it all home and hoard!
Good luck with your move honey


daisychain said...

Oh what a treasure Miss. Hope the move goes well, I'll give you an hour or so to settle in before I come knocking ;)

Twila's Vintage said...

I cant believe you got all of those for free. I read this before but I must have missed it.


OS You should definitely get a pet pup. They are the best. My peekapoo is the best..hypoallerginic and doesnt shed and he makes me so happy. He is my first official pet.

Annie Spandex said...

Hope you're feeling well now <3

Marta Represa said...

Aw I love all these finds! And I especially have a softspot for cameos.

betz said...
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betz said...

those are gorgeous. i hate it when that happens too..


Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

My gosh what a beauty!! I hope the moving goes swell and you don't miss the internety world that much, lol! =D


Kat said...

haha wow you have such a lovely blog- such nice pictures :)
if you have time would you look at mine?
thankss xx

Andrea Staats said...

That bow brooch is adorrrrable!

redheadfashionista said...

Hey hey, for when you get back check my blog, given you some awards for being awesome :)

Cap'n NikNak said...

Prettyyyyyyy!! Omg i like the jewellery and the box - tres vintage! I need to go walk and shop recently its all been online. Hope you are well :) All the best with the move ♥ photos soon perhaps? ;) once you're back in the blogging mode!
take care xoxo

Margaux. said...

lovely jewelry

Emily said...

I cant even explain my obsession with florals! Love the post!