17 March 2010

Pieces Of What

Yup I cheated with the title for this post, I've nicked it from MGMT, who I've been listening to all day today, pretty much.How very brilliant is the new song?For me it blows all their other fine, fine tunes straight out the water!
I love them.
Sorry but I feel compelled to declare my much lurrrve for them guys.I adore them more than The Rolling Stones and biscuits combined. I know right? That's crazy love right there.Anywhos today's post is a bits and bobs sort of post with no particular order nor theme,basically I'm using this post to show off some surprise goodies I received today.It makes a nice change to receive pleasant post,normally the only post that slips through my letter box are take away leaflets,(greasy Chinese food,and sloppy 'Joe's pizza'-gag) and student debt bills *joy*
So I was ecstatic when I ripped open a lovely card from my bbf (blog best friend)and this quirky thing fell into my lap...

a party ring biscuit brooch, ekk Miss Daisychain you know me so well.I have a mad addiction to partyring biscuits, recently I had to go cold turkey (my local shop had ran out, don't point the finger at me!)on my come down from partyrings, I developed all the symptoms of an addict-the shakes and a large void I failed to fill with pink wafers (my second favourite biscuit).Needless to say this brooch is much appreciated, and put a big smile on my glum face (I don't do Wednesdays they irritate me hugely.Because it's midweek:Friday so near yet still so far).Just when I assumed this Wednesday couldn't really get much better,my aunt and uncle surprised me with this...

all photos by:prettyneons

isn't she a beauty?!I'm naming her 'Buttons',how original of me, not.She really is gorgeous full up with a few things I'm a sucker for,ribbons,lace,bows and buttons.I'm so excited about this needle work box, I wet myself (a little tiny bit), Buttons will fit nicely into what will be my work room/studio space,bless her.Wish my sewing machine wasn't packed away, I cannot wait to get those bobbins bouncing,and crack on with some bag designs,purses etc.
I have the best family and friends EVER-thank you's (insert big kiss).
Something else that has made this Wednesday a wonderful one is the fantastic weather, rain and gale free. As I sit and type this post, my window is open for the first time in ages, and the sun is only just beginning to set...could spring be close by?


Vintage Vixen said...

Look at your lovely things! That button box is superb as is Daisy's party ring brooch and card...you lucky thing.
What made my day today? The fab reaction to my diary post. I've loved that little book and it's contents for years and it's so rocks that there's other like-minded lovelies out there who share my adoration for the past.
MGMT, Rolling Stones and biscuits? Your great taste knows no bounds.

Em x said...

That is so cute. I'm another party ring addict, they are just so pretty and the icing is yum xx

prettyneons said...

Oh yeah the icing is nice,and I love the colour of them too :)
prettyneons X

Vint Junky said...

Aw how sweet! What lovely friends and family you have.
Too cute

Helga said...

Such lovely treats!!
I have a cornchip addiction,myself.There is nothing worse than cold turkey.

daisychain said...

I Love You haha. Pink wafers. OMG I need to get some tomorrow. Yep.

prettyneons said...

hehehe :) yes do get some of those pretty pink wafers girly do it hehe
prettyneons XxX

Twila's Vintage said...

love love love MGMT!! That is really crazy about the banana dish. It is yummy. Let me know of any other yummy healthy treats!


the girl in grey said...

MGMT is love.