13 March 2010

Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

Yet again today I've spent a large amount of my time just editing through some of the rubbish I've collected over the years such rubbish includes; Buffy vhs box sets (I was thirteen and thirsty for all things vampire, plus hello how hawwwwwt was the dude who played Angel?),yet more Spice Girls items (Spice Girls lolly tin anyone?) and last but not least an array of Polly Pockets (hmmm I think someone wanted to be Polly?),which I remember smuggling into primary school and swapping for other more impressive Polly Pockets in the playground. Until I was busted by the Polly police i.e the lunch time playground teachers.
Yadda, yadda, yadda, yawn as if you care about my Polly stories? Where was I? I can't think today.
Ah yes so sorting out crap.
Once I had finished bagging up memories of my childhood into plastic bags,donated to various charity shops (hey what can I say? I'm a very generous girl.Alright so I'm fooling no one, it was junk that I have really no use for anymore.Well with the exception of the Polly Pockets which between you and me I secretly longed to keep). I found some very much beloved long lost Cd's.All of which I had assumed were left behind in my student dig, or adopted by friends who I had foolishly allowed to 'borrow'.It seems I have been accusing my pals (erm sorry's) of pinching albums that were tucked away in my Converse shoe box all this time, and to my delight KT Tunstall 'Eye to the telescope' was one of the them.

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"I felt a little fear upon my back, it said
Don't look back, just keep on walking"

KT Tunstall, 'Black horse and the Cherry Tree'

I quickly rushed over to my stereo and inserted KT, I had forgot how epic this album is, 'Black Horse and the Cherry Tree' is just one track that jumps out and demands yours ears to listen up, my other favourite tune from this album has got to be 'Stoppin The Love' *chills down spine* moment most definitely.
When I first came across KT Tunstall, I was obsessed with her music and even more so her style.My house mate at the time miss Boop (hello's to the Boop) would be climbing the walls as I had 'Black Horse and the Cherry Tree' on repeat for like three weeks straight.I came up with a bonkers theory that if I went to a KT gig it might calm me down a bit?
Except the reverse happened and I became fixated, I felt compelled to duplicate (or try to rip off is more like it)her cool effortless, road trip style.
Abusing my student discount card I stocked up on ankle biker boots,cowboy boots, embellished wasitcoats,distressed washed out denim shorts,military style jackets,check shirts and vintage-esque rock print tee's.
I also went to the extreme of buying a second hand acoustic guitar that I nicknamed 'Cherry',what with my love for that song.
Cherry remains in my life,but I'm baffled as to where my KT Tunstall-esque clobber has got to? Perhaps it's hiding in the back of my wardrobe somewhere?Where ever it may be,I hope to find it as (dare I say this?),I feel a KT phase returning once more!

board by:prettyneons

1.guns & roses printed tee, newlook,£14
2.vest top,river island,£15
3.waistcoat,same as above,£30
4.Motel stripe pants
5.lace up boots,river island,£95


daisychain said...

those boots <3

polly pocket = epic win, I wish I had kept mine, the new ones are dire.

prettyneons said...

I know the new ones are rubbish...they should drop the 'pocket' part as erm you kind of can't fit them in your pocket anymore.
My 'ickle niece has a polly 'pocket' and it's the size of a real house: if not a bit bigger?

...and hands off! Those boots are mine *dreaming*
peace & hugs

moi xXx

Annie Spandex said...

I love the items you picked out!

Vintage Vixen said...

Wasn't KT Tunstall a fox? Love the things you've picked out, I reckon we'd make for a rather fabulous team if we went shopping together.
And you're so right, MGMT's new song rocks!

Audrey Allure said...

Haha I remember those Spice Girls lollipops. and I love KT's music :) Great look.

Twila's Vintage said...

Oh yes to the boots pants and vest...especially the vest!!

PS Im so glad I could tell you about TOMS. They are amazing! Let me know if you get some.


redheadfashionista said...

River Island is pulling out some KICK-ASS shoes this season. Love.